Equity Grievance Panel (EGP)

Equity Grievance Panel (EGP) members are trained in all aspects of the grievance process and can serve in any of the following roles:

  • Provide sensitive intake and initial counseling of grievances
  • Serve in a mediation role in conflict resolution
  • Act as advisors/advocates to those involved in grievances
  • Serve on hearing panels for grievances
  • Serve on appeal panels for grievances

Current Augustana EGP Members Include:

Beth Elam, Title IX Coordinator
Mark Blackburn, Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Ann Traphagen, Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Marcia Entwistle, Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Amy Meyers, Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Corey Kopp, Student Affairs, EGP Member
Whitney Brown, Student Affairs, EGP Member
Mark Hecht, Student Affairs, EGP Member
Gretta Van Schepen, Athletics, EGP Member
Kelly Scholten, Athletics, EGP Member
Brandon Barkus, Athletics, EGP Member
Ann Pederson, Faculty, EGP Member
Matt Johnson, Faculty, EGP Member
Jungho Kim, Faculty, EGP Member
Andrew Klose, Faculty, EGP Member
Erin Kane, International Programs Office, EGP Member
Amanda Olson, Human Resources, EGP Member
Deb Hagemeier, Library, EGP Member
Rick Tupper, Department of Campus Safety, Title IX Investigator