Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is an exciting new addition to the Augustana community. As an organization, it works closely with Residence Life and the Augustana Student Association (ASA) to provide programming opportunities for residents of individual residence halls, as well as representation of issues, concerns, and values to ASA on behalf of each residence hall. This is an awesome opportunity to be a leader within your living community and get involved in shaping the University and your overall experience.

Each residence hall (Solberg, Bergsaker, Granskou, Stavig, East, Tuve, and the Theme Houses/Apartments) will have its own RHA, consisting of:

  • President - will serve as the primary student representative, presiding over all meetings, establishing and directing committees as necessary, all while acting as the overall face of the association
  • Vice President - will serve as an appointed representative to committees in the President’s stead, overseeing all training of RHA officers, and will oversee the expenditure of funds by the Programming Coordinator
  • Programming Coordinator - will serve as the primary communicator of events and information, advertising for events and disseminating surveys
  • Communications Coordinator - will coordinate events and activities sponsored by the RHA
  • RHA/ASA Representative (elected in the fall ASA elections) - will act as the main communicator between the RHA and ASA by attending all ASA and RHA meetings, in an effort to enhance the line of communication between the two groups.

**No Residence Life Staff member or ASA member is eligible to be in the RHA. What does this mean to you? The RHA is completely autonomous, and able to provide programming and work on issues that truly represent the members of their community.

Questions about how to become involved? Talk with your Peer Advisor, Hall Director, or any ASA Senator!

Click here to view the constitution for the Residence Hall Association.