Message to Students with Meal Plans on Dining & Rebate Clarifications

Augustana is monitoring and responding to the outbreak of the respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. This is the Director of Campus Life's message to students and parents today.

As of Friday, April 3

Dear students and parents,


The Financial Aid and Business Offices continue to work through financial adjustments for each individual student’s aid package and student bill. However, as a Spring 2020 meal plan user, there are a couple of factors that may be helpful to keep in mind as you work to understand your individual rebate eligibility.

We’ve addressed some specific scenarios below, but please read through the entire email to make sure you know what is available to you.

Left Campus before March 13

For most who have been off-campus since the beginning of Spring Break (or have been unable to return to officially check out of University housing), rebates for meal plans will backdate to Friday, March 13, as indicated in the message by Shannan Nelson, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, sent last week. That means a rebate of 52% is likely to be applied for most. For these students, meal plan access has been deactivated and rebates will be processed using the March 13 date as soon as the Business Office is able.

Left Campus after March 13

Approved students in housing who continued using a meal plan after Friday, March 13, but have since left campus, will likely see meal plan rebates backdated to those dates. For these students, meal plan access has also been deactivated and the Business Office will process individual rebates as soon as they are able.

Remaining On Campus for the Semester

Students approved to live in University housing for the remainder of the semester should not expect to receive a rebate for the meal plan, as it is available for use throughout the remainder of the semester.

Students approved to live in University housing for the remainder of the semester will continue to have access to their meal plan. However, if a currently approved student chooses to move out at any point in the coming weeks, we will deactivate their meal plan and that student may still be eligible for a meal plan rebate at that time. Contact Campus Life ( or 605.274.5215) if you wish to change your on-campus status.

Off-Campus Students in Sioux Falls

We are aware that some off-campus students have been using their meal plans and the Dining Room over the course of the past two weeks. Moving forward, we will be limiting Dining Room access to only those who are approved to be in University housing (residence halls, theme houses, and apartments) for the remainder of the semester. Off-campus students, then, will also see meal plan access deactivated, but will certainly be eligible to receive a rebate, based on this recent decision.

Food Security Concerns

Any off-campus students who rely on their meal plan as a primary means for food security and would like to retain access in lieu of a rebate, needs to simply contact me — Corey Kopp, Director of Campus Life ( — to request an exception.

Dining Room Use

All students approved to continue using the Dining Room are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the take-out option. To do so, simply ask for a take-out container and you will be provided a disposable container and can take your food to go.

Students opting to remain in the Dining Room should also continue to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Do your best to remain at least 6 feet from others in the Dining Room, use a napkin when touching shared items (e.g., cereal or drink stations), and avoid gathering in groups of 10 or more.

The Business Office is available to answer questions specific to your student account by email ( or phone (605.274.5239). General meal plan questions can be directed to Dining Services or Campus Life staff, as well.


Corey Kopp
Director of Campus Life