Viking Flex Plan — Fall 2020

This fall, Augustana University is committing to creating an in-person learning experience for students. This experience, called The Viking Flex Plan, will incorporate both face-to-face learning as well as an online learning component. This model will be implemented for the safety of all of our students, staff and faculty as well as to create the best possible on-campus experience.

Below are some of the key dates and information regarding the Viking Flex Plan:

  • First day of class: Wednesday, August 26
  • No fall break
  • Last day of in-person instruction: Friday, November 20
  • Online instruction/project period: November 23-24; Nov. 30-December 4
  • Thanksgiving Break "as is:" November 25-29
  • Last day of instruction for the semester: Friday, December 4
  • Planning for students to return to campus for the regular start of J-term on January 5; Spring semester dates unchanged

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Update - May 28

Fall Semester FAQs

Q: When is the first day of class?

A: Wednesday, August 26

Q: Is there class on Labor Day?

A: Yes, classes will be held on Labor Day and offices will be open.

Q: Will there be a fall break?

A: No, there will not be a fall break.

Q: When is the last day of in-person classes on campus?

A: Friday, November 20

Q: When is the last day of the online instruction/project period?

A: December 4 is the last day of online fall instruction/projects.

Q: When is Thanksgiving Break?

A: November 25-29

Q: Will there be a J-Term?

A: Yes. We are planning for students to return to campus for the start of J-term on January 5.

Q: Will the Spring semester dates change?

A: The dates for spring semester are unchanged at this time. However, they are subject to change if necessary due to pandemic conditions.