Residence Life and Housing

Augustana is a residential university committed to learning and growth beyond the classroom. Our Campus Life program is grounded in a commitment to not only support each student's academic pursuits, but to contribute to the personal growth of students through a wide variety of programs and activities.

Augustana affirms the value of living in community and, therefore, requires students to live in university-owned housing (see Policies and Procedures for additional information about the Residency Requirement). Approximately three-fourths of the student body live in residence halls, apartments, and theme houses managed by Campus Life. Here, students are able to make connections between their academic and social experiences, truly living and learning in an inviting and comfortable campus environment.

Within Residence Life and Housing, you'll find information about each of the following areas:

Residential Communities

Visit Residential Communities for detailed information about the many housing options available to students.


Visit Housing for information about housing costs, forms, and other processes and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

Visit Policies and Procedures for expectations and requirements related to living on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions about living on campus. View Frequently Asked Questions for a quick answer to some of your questions.

What to Pack

Curious about what to bring with you when you arrive on campus?  Visit What to Pack for a list of items we recommend you have (and a few you should leave at home!).