Break Housing Information for Students in Residence Halls

Although residence hall and dining service operations are closed when Augustana University is not in session, Campus Life will attempt to accommodate students who cannot leave campus during break periods.

For specific break dates, please view the University's Academic Calendar.

Learn more about break housing policies and procedures.

Fall, Thanksgiving, Interim, and Easter Breaks

Residence halls will remain open during Fall, Spring and Easter Breaks for students who cannot travel home, have academic programs that require students to stay on-campus, or participate in University sponsored activities. We strongly encourage all students who are able to travel home for the break to take advantage of time to re-charge and return refreshed for the remainder of the semester.

Christmas and Spring Breaks

All residence halls are closed during Spring and Christmas breaks. Students who must stay on campus during a break due to distance from home, academic programs, or University sponsored activities must complete a Break Housing Application and must be approved by the Campus Life Office to stay on campus during the break.