The unlimited

“The Unlimited” is a unique meal plan format designed to offer students convenience, flexibility, and value. One of only a handful of colleges to offer unlimited dining access in our part of the country, we think you will appreciate the nutritional and dietary benefits of lighter and more frequent meals during the day.  Unlimited plans on other campuses have experienced significant environmental benefits by reducing food waste.  We encourage you to dine without a tray and help conserve our valuable food and water resources.

Here is how “The Unlimited”  works.  Visualize the meal plan as your kitchen at home.  The cupboard shelves are always filled with a variety of food items, the stove top and oven are filled with lots of hot entrees and your refrigerator is always stocked with beverages, fresh fruit, vegetables, and desserts.  Best of all, you have unlimited access to your kitchen from 7:15 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on weekdays, plus brunch and dinner on the weekends.

“The Unlimited” not only allows you to enjoy unlimited all-you-care-to-eat dining in the Ordal Dining Room, your meal plan also gives you two (2) transfer meals in The Huddle every week and five (5) guest meal passes a semester to use with visiting friends or a favorite faculty member.  Remember, your parents dine free as long as you eat with them in the dining room. 

Need more flexibility? Purchase more transfer meals and add Viking Buck$ to make “The Unlimited” truly personal and specific to your needs. Or, you can make it even easier and select one of the Bundles (described below) which does the work of choosing for you.

Important Information About “The Unlimited”

  1. All first- and second-year students living in college housing are required to enroll in “The Unlimited” meal plan. Adding options like “Transfer Meals,” Viking Buck$ or Bundles is voluntary.
  2. “The Unlimited” is the only financial aid qualified meal plan. Commuter students and upperclassmen who are eligible to waive the meal plan requirement or wish to enroll in “The Block” plan will see an adjustment (reduction) of 10% to their Augustana College gift assistance.
  3. All residential students will be automatically enrolled in “The Unlimited” for the coming academic year. Students who are eligible to waive the meal plan requirement or eligible to enroll in “The Block” must log into their Student Portal ( prior to the start of the semester to opt out of “The Unlimited” or select “The Block.”
  4. Transfer Meals, Viking Buck$, and Bundles can be added to “The Unlimited” at any time during a semester. However, the cost is not prorated so make your choices as early in the academic term as possible.
  5. Once selected as an added option, Transfer Meals cannot be removed from “The Unlimited” until the next meal plan selection period (the following semester).
  6. Viking Buck$ cannot be refunded from your account. However, your Viking Buck$ balance will carry over from semester to semester and year to year.
  7. Your meal card (Augustana ID card) is non-transferrable and cannot be used by anyone except you. You must have your card with you to enter the Ordal Dining Room.