Meal Plans

We are pleased to offer meals in a format that we hope will exceed your expectations. Our goal is to give you a nutritional dining experience that offers variety, convenience and as much value as you can stuff into a meal plan.

For the current academic year, we offer you a meal plan program that is easy to understand – making your choices with optional features even easier.

For first-year students, sophomores and other upperclassmen seeking a meal plan eligible for financial aid, we offer “The Unlimited,” a plan that can be customized with add-on options to meet your personal needs. View The Unlimited for more information.

For students commuting from home, and third- and fourth-year students (typically juniors and seniors who do not have a meal plan requirement), we offer The Block.  This plan features a specified number of meals per semester with other features and options. View The Block for more information.


Meal Plan information and pricing for 2016-2017 academic year coming soon!


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