Organization Handbook

Advisor Guidelines

The purpose of the advisor is significant to the organization. The advisor is a valuable resource both professionally and personally and is available to assist students with their experiences in belonging to an organization at Augustana. Responsibilities of the advisor include but are not limited to:

a. Assist students in working with others in a positive, growth-oriented manner.
b. Assist in working with other organizations, departments and offices.
c. Provide resources, guidance with projects, evaluation of performance, and answers to questions.
d. Be accountable for budget expenditures made on the organization's account including: off-campus purchases as well as Dining Services, Bookstore, and Central Services.
e. Sign all purchase orders prior to processing at the Business Office.
f. Be aware of all organization-sponsored events, on and off campus.

The advisor must be a member of Augustana College's faculty, administration or staff.