Organization Handbook

Central Services

Student organizations may use the print shop and mailroom services for printing of posters, flyers, table tents, etc., and postage services. Graphic standards and mailing procedures must meet Augustana College requirements.


1. Use printing order forms or supply order forms (see below). Note the Special Instructions and Typesetting Instructions area. These areas must be filled out for special requests. Be sure to talk with a Central Services employee if you have special requests.

2. Be sure to include the account number on all printing orders. Orders will not be processed if the account number is not on the forms.

3. Central Services requires 3-5 working days for most jobs. Large jobs can take longer, please plan accordingly.

4. A "short run" printing job is 250 copies or less, one or two-sided 20# bond white, colored paper or the Augustana letterhead. Short run service does not include cutting or other special services. Short run periods are Monday - Friday. You may submit and wait for short runs during these times:

Monday 8:30 am - 9:00 am
Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Monday - Friday 3:30 pm - 4:30 PM

A "long run" printing job is 500 or more copies that requires extra services such as stapling, collating, folding, cutting, etc. Long runs are usually completed within 24 hours as a "next day" service. Orders with ink color other than black are printed on an offset press, and require more production time.

5. Projects such as booklets, brochures, programs for special events, and off-campus mailings involving design, photos, typesetting, colored inks, or a large quantity should be discussed with a Central Services employee. Allow 5-10 days for completion. Early notification ensures meeting your deadline.

Guidelines for Copy Preparation

The following guidelines will help save time and money on your printing, copying and typesetting.

Originals for Copying

1. Prepare originals on good quality white paper. Colored paper will copy hazy. We can print on any color paper that is in stock including letterhead. Copy to be printed on letterhead should also be on a white paper original, appropriately positioned.

2. Copy should be black. The darker the better. Our copying machines can print only what they see and they do not see blue. Computer printouts do not copy well. Laser printer originals need printing that is black not gray.

3. Signatures should be in black ink. If a blue signature is desired, it is preferred that the signature be on a separate sheet of paper in black ink. A black fine point marker or fountain pen works the best.

4. Illustrations and lettering should be in black. Line thickness can vary without too much loss of quality. Colored illustrations do not reproduce well. Most colors are seen as black by the machine.

5. Large solids, if done on the offset machine, require a heavy ink coverage and take longer to dry

6. Originals should be clean. White out and correction tape should be used carefully. Corrections should cover all deleted copy fully and smoothly. Any shadows or bumpy white out will cause black spots.

7. For paste-ups, please use artist's spraymount not tape or glue.

8. Eliminate all marks you do not want to be on your final copies. Marks will be reproduced. "Non-reprblue" pens and pencils are safe markers.

9. Allow 3/8" border around edges. The only exception is extending dotted lines for registration blank or business reply card.

10. Copy to be bound needs an additional 1/2" margin on the side to be bound (left side for front of page and right side for back of page).

11. If in doubt, ask!

Originals for Typesetting

1. All hard copy must be submitted with a completed work order typewritten and double-spaced. It's not necessary to format copy. You may discuss the design, layout and graphic standards with the graphic artists, or include a sketch or rough draft. Paper, quantity, stock, etc., required for the job must be submitted when filling out work order to ensure materials are on hand when project is ready to go into production. Black/white or color photos, negatives and slides may be scanned and reproduced.

2. Edit your copy before bringing it to Central Services. If someone other than yourself needs to proofread, do so before ordering the job. Check punctuation, grammar, spelling, abbreviations, typos, etc. Changes from original copy will increase the cost of your project.

3. Proof copy carefully making corrections in red ink. Check all copy including headlines, names, dates, typeface. When you sign off on the proof slip, errors found after it is printed are your responsibility.

4. Submit your job well in advance. Work is scheduled to ensure meeting realistic deadlines.

5. If in doubt, ask!


1. Your organization's account number is required on all off-campus mail.

2. If you are planning a bulk mailing (approximately 1/3 cost of first class) contact the Mail Room Coordinator at, or 274-4328.  To qualify for the reduced cost, you must have at least 200 pieces with the same content and weight.

3. If you are planning an on-campus mailing for students and/or Augustana employees, contact the Mail Room Coordinator at, or 274-4328.  Central Services Post Office is open from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Commons Post Office is open from 8:00 AM - 12 Noon Monday through Friday.