Organization Handbook

College Policies and Guidelines

A. Reserving Campus Facilities

Any recognized organization may reserve facilities on campus by calling 4546 or stopping by the Conference and Scheduling Office in the Morrison Commons. Scheduling facilities in advance is necessary as they are scheduled first come, first serve. Your catering needs may be met by the Director of Catering for Sodexho by calling 4415.

B. Sales, Solicitation and Fundraising

Campus affiliated organizations or individuals desiring to sell merchandise or services on-campus must contact the Director of Student Activities and reserve space and tables through the Conference and Scheduling Office.

Any student organizations wishing to solicit contributions, funds, or services off-campus must first contact the Advancement Office.

C. Contracts

When a student organization wishes to schedule an event that involves a contractual agreement, it must do so through consultation with the Director of Student Activities. In order to protect Augustana College and student organizations in contracts with individuals and performing groups, all contracts for student sponsored events and agreements involving insurance must be signed by the Director of Student Activities. A copy of the contract will be placed on file in the Student Activities Office.

D. Alcoholic Beverages

Possession of alcoholic beverages at Augustana College events is absolutely forbidden. Detection of possession will be dealt with through the Campus Judicial System, and may result in temporary suspension or dismissal from school.

The Augustana College policy on alcoholic beverages applies to any event sponsored by a student organization whether this event takes place on or off-campus. Additionally, organizational funds may not be used in any way for the purchase of alcohol or the sponsorship of an event where alcohol is available.