The name of this organization shall be the Augustana Nursing Students’ Association; henceforth referred to as ANSA. This organization is a constituent of the Nursing Student Association of South Dakota (NSASD) and the National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc. (NSNA).

The purpose of ANSA is:
A To contribute to health education and awareness in the Augustana community.
C. To aid in the development of the whole person and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life.

The functions of ANSA shall include the following:
A. To promote awareness of legislative activities as appropriate related to health care and nursing education practice.
B. To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities toward improved health care and the resolution of related issues.
C. To represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and to other various organizations.
D. To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age, or economic status.
E. To promote, encourage, and actively engage in collaborative relationships with other state and national nursing health organizations.


SECTION I. Criteria for membership
Members of ANSA shall be:
A. Enrolled as full or part-time students at Augustana College
B. Declared nursing majors

The annual dues shall be $5.00 per member; payable for the appropriate dues year. The dues shall cover a period of twelve consecutive months from the date of the beginning of the semester. Payment of dues is a prerequisite for membership in ANSA. Any member who fails to pay current dues shall forfeit all privileges of membership.


Section I. Officers
The officers of ANSA shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian, and Community Health Chair.

SECTION II. Eligibility
Only members who shall be students throughout the full term of office and have the privileges of active membership shall be eligible for the offices stated in Article IV, Section I. An outgoing officer may be a recent graduate for the summer months of his or her term.

SECTION III. Terms of Office
The term of office shall be one year from the date of initiation.

Section IV. Duties of Officers
The officers shall perform the following duties:

The President shall:
A. Preside at all meetings of the association, and the Executive Board
B. Appoint special committees with the approval of the advisor and association
C. Serve as the ex- officio member of all approved committees.
D. Represent ANSA in matters relating to the association and perform all other duties pertaining to the office.
E. Be the first voting delegate at the NSASD annual convention.
F. Correspond with other schools of nursing in NSASD and NSNA when warranted.

The Vice-President shall:
A. Assume the duties of the president in the absence or disability of the President.
B. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of President, the Vice- President shall assume the duties of the President.
C. Be responsible for review and recommendation for change in by-laws and chair the By-Laws committee.
D. Perform all other duties assigned by the President.

The Secretary shall:
A. Prepare the minutes of all business meetings of the association and Executive Board.
B. Perform all other duties assigned by the president or as usual to this office.

The Treasurer shall:
A. Act as custodian of organization funs by keeping a record of all expenditures and income.
B. Sign purchase orders for monetary disbursements as approved by the Executive Board.
C. See that the system of collecting dues is provided.
D. Make reimbursements for activities related to ANSA upon approval of the President and the Executive Board.
E. Keep a list of all members of the association.
F. Perform all other duties assigned by the President or as usual to this office.

The Historian shall:
A. Be allotted funds as needed and approved by the Executive Board to take pictures of ANSA activities.
B. Compose the ANSA scrapbook.
C. Report our activities to the NSASD Pacemaker Reporter.
D. Record ANSA activities related to the NSASD “Incentive Award”
E. Report “Incentive Award” points to NSASD 2nd Vice-President.
F. Perform all other duties assigned by the President or as usual to this office.

The Community Health Chair shall:
A. Act as a representative of ANSA to healthcare organizations and institutions within the Augustana Community.
B. Form and coordinate committees addressing ANSA volunteer activities.
C. Perform all other duties assigned by the President or as usual to this office.

SECTION V. Elections
The officers shall be elected by members in the spring of each year. After open nominations from the floor take place, the election shall be by ballot. A plurality vote shall elect. In the case of a tie, the vote shall be decided by a re-vote, and if this also results in a tie, lost shall be cast. Officers of this association shall be elected before the end of the school year.

SECTION VI. Class Representatives


SECTION I. Date, Time, and Location
The annual meetings of the association shall be held at such time and place as shall be determined by the Executive Board.

SECTION II. Delegate Representation
A. The voting body at meetings of this association shall consist of elected officers and those members present and voting.

The privileged of voting shall be limited to the voting body. A voting member shall have but one vote in any election or on any question.

SECTION IV. Open meetings
All meetings of the association shall be open unless voted otherwise by the Executive Board.

A quorum at a meeting shall consist of the President, Vice-President, and one other officer and all those present and voting.


SECTION I. Members
The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers. The advisor shall serve as an ex-officio member without a vote.

SECTION II. Liability
The Executive Board shall not be responsible for any contract, or obligation of any kind incurred or for any position taken by any officer or member or constituent unless the same was duly authorized in writing by the Executive Board.

SECTION III. Management
Management of the Executive Board shall include the following duties:
A. Review and approve the terms of official relationships established with other organizations singly or in coalition
B. Approve any commitment in the form of actions, statement of policy or position, or financial obligations involved in ANSA relationships with other organizations.
C. Approve the budget and provide the annual audit of accounts at the close of the fiscal year.
D. Have the power to fill vacancies for the unexpired term unless otherwise specified in these by-laws.
E. Have the power by ¾ vote to declare and office vacant.

SECTION IV. Meetings
Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held immediately before association meetings and at such other times as deemed necessary by a majority of the Executive Board. The President shall determine the date and place of meetings. The quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the Executive Board including the President or Vice-President and at least one advisor.


SECTION I. Eligibility
There shall be at least one advisor. One advisor shall be a member of the nursing faculty. Any other advisor shall be a graduate nurse or a graduating senior student who was a member of ANSA the previous year with experience on the Executive Board or an ANSA committee. This person shall be appointed by Executive Board to serve for the year, of if position is vacated, until a successor is appointed.

A. Be responsible for providing for the interchange of information between the Executive Board and the faculty.
B. Serve as resource person consulting with the Executive Board, members, and staff
C. Attend meeting of ANSA.


SECTION I. Eligibility
Class representatives shall be members of ANSA. The class representatives shall consist of one member from each class, duly elected by the respective class in September. These representatives will be considered official representatives of their classes.

SECTION II. Duties of Class Representatives
A. Be directly responsible to the Executive Board for the interchange of information to the members of respective classes.
B. Be responsible for heading and delegating committee activities
C. Have a least one class representative from each respective class present at each Executive Board meeting.

The Executive Board, at its discretion, shall establish committees deemed necessary to carry on the work of the association and determine the functions, terms and membership of the committees. A quorum fro a committee meeting shall be a majority of the members of such committee.


SECTION I. Procedure
A. These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of those present and voting provided that notice of the proposed amendments have been sent to the members at least four weeks prior to the meeting.
B. Proper amendments shall be submitted in writing, carrying proponent’s signature, to the Executive Board for review at least four weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be proposed. Proposed amendments may be submitted by the Executive Board, and ANSA committee, or a member.
C. These by-laws may be amended at the determined meeting by a majority vote of those present and voting, provided that previous notice had been given that a vote shall take place at such meeting.
D. Approved amendments shall become effective immediately.

SECTION II. National amendment ramifications
Amendments to the by-laws of NSNA adopted at the annual meeting which directly relate to the business of ANSA in the area of conformity to NSNA standards shall automatically and immediately affect the necessary amendments to the by-laws of ANSA and shall promptly be incorporated into these by-laws.


SECTION I. Eligible voters – local level
The voting body meetings of this association shall consist of the elected officers and those members present and voting.

SECTION II. Eligible voters – state level
Representation to the annual meeting of the state association shall be in accordance with NSASD by-laws, Article VI, Section 3B: “Each recognized school chapter shall be entitled to one voting delegate and one alternate at the annual meeting. In addition, each school chapter will be entitled to an additional delegate and alternate for each 15 members. Tabulation of NSASD membership shall be prior to the annual meeting to determine the number of voting delegates from constituent association.”

SECTION III. Eligible voters – national level
Representation to the annual meeting of the national association shall be in accordance with NSNA by-laws, Article VI, Section 3a: “The officers, six directors, and the members of the Nominating and Election Committee shall be elected at the annual meeting by the house of delegates,” and Article VII, Section 3a1: “Each school chapter that is a recognized constituency, as determined by these by-laws, shall be entitled to one voting delegate and alternate, and in addition, shall be entitled to one voting delegate and alternate for every 50 members.”