Creating a New Club or Organization

The student activities office should be your first stop when considering the creation of a new club or organization. The Student Activities office keeps a history and record of each organization and is set up to assist in the success of each organization.

Getting recognized

In order to be a recognized organization on campus you will need to do three things: one, write a constitution/organization structure, two, have a roster with at least ten (10) members, and three, submit (in writing) to the Director of Student Activities all documents to be kept on file. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Getting funding

Operational funds can be requested through the Augustana Student Association (ASA). Operational funds are intended to be used for the “day-to-day” expenses such as – office/meeting supplies and copies. For more information about ASA funding check out the ASA website. Community Development Funds (CDF) are available through the ASA and are meant to be used to assist organizations with development of specific programs.

Feel free to contact the Director of Student Activities with any questions at 274-4412 or