Theme House Responsibilites and Expectations

Theme House communities are more than simply a place to live. They provide a valuable connection between students' residential and social experience and the learning that occurs through service to others and the community. As such, we hold expectations for what our students will accomplish and learn from living within these communities, some of which are laid out below.

Program and Service Expectations

Civic Responsibility

As representatives of the College, theme house residents are expected to be respectful of their neighbors in the community and to develop positive relationships with them.

Programming for Service

Theme house groups are expected to complete at least two community service projects each semester. The Dean of Students Office will provide financial assistance for activities that are consistent with or support the house's theme.


With the independence of theme house living comes the responsibility of developing standards (e.g., quiet hours) for living together in a theme house community. It is expected that all students will abide by these standards and any student who chooses not to adhere to the College or theme community policies/standards may be reassigned to a residence hall.

Support for Campus Activities

Theme house residents are expected to attend and provide support for campus programs (e.g., Semester Shutdown).

Housing and Logistical Expectations


Theme house residents are responsible for daily cleaning and trash removal.

Meal plan

Third and fourth-year students living in college housing have the option to enroll or waive enrollment a meal plan.


Each house is required to maintain its approved occupancy throughout the entire academic year. If a student will be studying abroad for a semester, or if a student withdraws from College, a replacement must be named on the application. Ultimately, the group of students living in each house is responsible for identifying replacements.

Open Houses

Theme houses are expected to plan and participate in open house events each semester for other members of the campus community.

Parking Permits

Students parking on college property will need to purchase a parking permit at a reduced rate for theme house residents.


The possession and use of alcoholic beverages in college-owned housing is prohibited, except in designated theme houses and apartments when students are 21 years of age or older. A detailed description of this alcohol policy is found on the Theme Houses and Apartments Alcohol Policy portion of the Residence Life and Housing website.


No financial adjustments will be made for any student(s) leaving their house (e.g., student teaching, study abroad) for any portion of the semester/year. 

Room Credits

Students who have been in college for four years qualify to receive a $400 semester credit for the cost of room and board if they enroll in a full residential meal plan.

Television and Internet Access

Cable television is available at each house for a fee. Wireless Internet access is provided to each house at no additional charge.

Tobacco Use

All theme houses are smoke-free.