At the Heart of the Arts

The Augustana Choirs and Orchestra perform at Christmas Vespers in 2015.

We promote the importance of the performing and visual arts as central to a well-rounded liberal arts education.

The performing, visual, and literary arts at Augustana have a long-standing tradition of creative excellence. It's why we're known to be "At the Heart of the Arts" in Sioux Falls.

Here, your inner artist can find avenues for expression from a stage, on a canvas, behind a microphone, in chapel, in print and online.

Augustana’s Performing and Visual Arts programs foster success and build experience on campus, but also encourage students to broaden their artistic scope through study abroad opportunities.

Students can take their talents and curiosity outside the studios, classrooms and practice rooms to new creative spaces all over the country and around the globe.

"The future of America is dependent on the creativity of its people. This is the foundation that the arts give our young people: creative insights, innovative expression, discipline, team-building and problem solving skills — all characteristics of students involved in music, theater and art at Augustana College. With high standards of excellence in its programs, Augustana offers those opportunities to every student on campus."

Janet Brown
Executive Director, Grantmakers in the Arts
Seattle, Washington

Nearly 25% of the student body participates in music, theater or visual arts. All students — majors and non-majors — are encouraged to continue their arts experiences from high school to college in an environment that broadens their artistic skills and helps to development them for a lifetime.

There are unlimited opportunities for students to perform challenging choral and instrumental repertoire and to hone their artistic skills in the visual arts. Augustana is not a competitive music conservatory and, therefore, offers a balanced approach to participation. The University recognizes talent through auditioned scholarships in music, theatre and visual art and acknowledges the important role this plays in providing cultural opportunities to the campus and greater Sioux Falls community.

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