10 Ways to Manage Your Time

  1. Create to do lists with a purpose.
    1. Tasks with shorter completion time on top- starts a snowball effect!
    2. Physically take them off the list when done. Scratch off, throw the sticky away, etc
    3. Break the large projects down in to smaller tasks to complete sections.
  2. Use a planner of some type
    1. . Put your daily tasks down first: Wake time, Eating, Classes, Work, Bedtime.
    2. Now identify times for study, recreation and relaxing.
    3. Hint space study times out for better results.
  3. Manage your distractions.
    1. Find the right place for each of your tasks.
      1. Examples- Study Place, exercise place, etc.
    2. Just Say “NO”
      1. Put the phone down
      2. Put the games away
      3. Academic Priority
  4. Organize Yourself.
    1. Organize your room. (Clean It!)
    2. Organize your study material
    3. Organize your computer files
  5. Transition Times.
    1. Be able to move from task to task.
    2. Procrastination must not exist
  6. Take breaks.
    1. Clear your mind so that it can rest
    2. Enjoy your surroundings and notice the little things- leaves, animals, birds, young children
  7. Reward yourself for staying on task. 
  8. Eat right.
    1. ​Not too much.
    2. Not to little
  9. Rest. 
    1. Consistent bed times.
    2. Consistent waking times
  10. Create good habits- that is what these tips do