Conference Calls

ITS offers several conference calling options through our new VOIP phone system.


Personal Conference Calls made from your desk phone

Our campus wide personal VOIP full duplex speaker phones can conference in up to 6 total participants (including the caller). Personal conference calls are made by calling each remote party from your phone, and using the transfer/conference button to place and connect the parties. If you hang up, the other praties will still be on the conference call (as in transfering a call). See our phone use pages for more details on transfering and conferencing calls from your phone.

UC360 Beam Forming Conference Room Phones

Several of our conference rooms on campus have or can support the UC360 Conference Room phone. These phones provide a full room speaker and special beam forming microphone. They work best in a board room or conference room configuration (seating in a circle around the phone). These special phones can accept up to three remote callers, allowing you to join all the callers to the conference with the ability to place each caller on hold for private board room discussion.