Email to Students Policy

Email to Students Policy (from Student Services/Dean of Students):


To ensure that email remains an effective means of communication, Augustana University must be strategic in its use of bulk email messages. Messages sent to the entire student body to frequently make students less likely to welcome University emails that could be of interest to them. A-mail is the University’s official tool for sending non-administrative e-mail to students.


Most bulk notices to students or groups of students should be sent via A-Mail. You’re A-mail request should be sent to the Dean of Students Office.


For emails to students that need to be more direct, Augustana maintains email lists with various classifications of students that can be used for bulk mailings. Two Vice Presidents must authorize the use of these lists. Once approved, you may send your email directly to the appropriate list.


Keep a-mail, the Mirror, and Campus Cues in mind as possible alternative communication vehicles