IT Budget Request Procedure and Guidelines

The goal of the IT Committee technology fund appropriation process is: “To maximize the positive impact of limited funding and to seek fairness through representation by appointed committee members and students.

The IT Committee works closely with the university budgeting process to better prioritize and fund technology needs across campus.
To facilitate this process:

  • All employee and department computer related technology needs should be requested through the IT Committee Budget process.
  • Computer technology funds (see “Guidelines for making Requests” below) should not be requested in your annual department budget request. The IT technology budget will be funded appropriately to provide the greatest overall impact for computer technology needs campus wide.
  • If you or your department has other funding sources for technology (e.g., grants or gifts), please consult with IT prior to your purchase.

Guidelines followed in the budgeting process.

Computer Hardware: When allocating computers, the IT Committee attempts to reallocate existing quality systems. In most cases, full time employees are reallocated three year old computers. Our replacement cycle for full time employees is around 5 years. Employees or departments requesting computers/systems that exceed our standard systems must provide specific justification for the need. Older systems are allocated to non-full time staff use, departmental labs, scientific equipment, etc. Grants and gifts should be actively pursued to keep this technology current. The IT technology fund is only one component of the campus wide technology infrastructure funding.

Printers: Requests may be submitted for replacement of existing shared laser printers. If you have the need to print confidential documents (tests, reference letters, etc.) contact the Help Desk. We can provide you with several options for confidential printing. The IT Committee will NOT consider requests for personal desk printers. The cost to purchase, maintain and print to these printers is much higher than the cost of printing to a laser printer.

Other Hardware: Smart Classrooms, Smart Carts, projectors, and computer peripherals, can be requested with significant justification. Typically, digital cameras and digital video cameras are not supported.

Software: Software used as part of the curriculum or in departmental labs should be funded from your department operating budget. Some campus wide software is funded through the IT Committee budget process (Microsoft Office, Malwarebytes, SPSS Academic Use). If you have a software request that may fit the profile to be funded, please submit the request following a conversation with IT.