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2021-22 Workshops & Events

Spring 2022: DEI Faculty Series

Fall 2021: Canvas I DEI Faculty Series

Canvas Support

Migrating Courses from Moodle to Canvas (Recording)

An introduction to moving Moodle courses to Canvas. Moodle’s default is to organize course material in a weekly schedule format, but Canvas gives you more opportunity to intentionally develop your course to meet your learning objectives. This session covers how to backup and save Moodle courses for import, how to import Moodle backups into a Moodle Import Sandbox, and how to then import individual items from those Moodle Import Sandboxes into your actual Canvas courses. 

Panelist: Sharon Gray

Resources: Moodle Import Sandbox request form (you may request as many as you need)
Instructions for creating a Moodle course backup
Instructions for importing your Moodle backup into your Moodle Import Sandbox

Course Design 101 (Recording)

An overview of best practices for course design in Canvas. Covers modules, course home pages, assignments, quizzes, and the navigation bar.  Also touches on integration with textbook and other technology resources through LTIs (Learning Tool Interoperability.)

Panelists: Anissa Goehring, Carrie Olson-Manning, Lisa Babcock

: Canvas Launch Guide
Canvas Fast Track request form
How to use Google docs to embed dynamic content

Getting Started with Assignments

Quizzes (Recording)

An overview of Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes, their benefits and drawbacks, and why you might choose one over the other. Also covers importing quizzes from Moodle and using Respondus.

:    Anissa Goehring and Carrie Olson-Manning

: Classic Quizzes...and New Quizzes

Turnitin (Recording)

A review of how to use the Turnitin LTI in Canvas. Covers how to set peer review options and use rubrics.

: Julie Swanstrom

: Turnitin
Turnitin Canvas Guide 

Integrating Library Resources & OER (Recording)

Discover how to access and integrate library resources (articles, ebooks, streaming media) and OER into your course as well as basic copyright guidelines. Learn how to find the LTIs for several library resources to streamline integration.
Panelists: Lisa Brunick & Kelly Thompson

Resources: Open Educational Resources (OER) - Get Started

DEI Faculty Series

Inclusive Language in the classroom

As an institution whose goal is to develop and maintain a campus culture in which diversity is valued, and all campus community members feel welcomed, supported, and included, and actively engaged, inclusive language should be at the forefront of this effort. The usage of inclusive language fosters a community of inclusion and respect while dismantling systems of exclusion, bias, and ignorance. This session serves as an avenue to explore said systems while also discussing how identity language can be sensitive, evolve as societal views change, and impact identity development both individually and interculturally. 

Panelists:  Spencier Ciaralli and Daniel Perry

Inclusive Language Guide
Inclusive Teaching Resources & Strategies from Univ. of Michigan

Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit from ACUE

Equity in Online Learning

Open Conversation on Identity with GSA

Augustana University has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in all areas.  We invite you to join us for another step of this lifelong process of learning and improving.  This session will focus on how to foster a welcoming classroom environment for students of all genders and sexualities.  Resources will be provided including templates for asking student names and pronouns and book recommendations. 

Panelists: Members of GSA

Mentoring & Advising Systemically Non-Dominant Students

Personalized mentorship and advising are crucial to the retention and success of systemically marginalized students; however, the under-representation of faculty representing these populations at historically white institutions further muddles the much-needed and desired engagement. This session offers fresh insights and new strategies for mentoring and advising across culture, race, and gender.

Panelist: Billie Streufert

Identity Development & Systemically Non-Dominant Students

Positive, supported, forward moving identity development is crucial to the success of the systemically non-dominant student. This session unpacks various racial, gender, and sexual identities while exploring strategies for optimal success.

Panelist: Willette Capers

Bias in Course Content (3:00 PM Monday, 2/7/22 Library 229 - Register)

We will explore how one’s signature experiences, values, and beliefs systems can create systems of unconscious bias in the educational material that is created to engage the Augie learner. This session will unpack how to identify said biases as well as provide best practices.

Panelist: Sharon Gray

Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom (3:00 PM Monday, 3/14/22 Library 229 - Register)

This session will include tangible tips for how to create safe and brave spaces in which folks can critically discuss interfaith, race, and belonging.

Panelists: Richard Swanson & Ann Pederson

Vanderbilt Guide