Viking Days 2020

Welcome to Augustana!

The 2021 Augustana Welcome Week Recap.

Augustana Welcome Week Recap!

Founded in 1860, Augustana is a selective, comprehensive university affiliated with the Lutheran Church. Augustana serves more than 1,900 students from 41 states and 24 countries. Most are part of our residential community and call our 100-acre campus home. Our graduate and continuing education programs serve students online and during times that are convenient for adult learners.


Exterior of Mikkelson Library


Augustana offers more than 100 majors, minors and pre-professional specializations within a 4-1-4 academic calendar. Extensive internshipstudy abroadundergraduate research and Civitas, the University’s Honors Program, supplement the curriculum. Our academic programs promote sensitivity to and appreciation of values essential for students to become effective citizens in local, national and international communities.

Questions of faith and values blend comfortably into all aspects of life at Augustana. Because the Lutheran tradition values every student’s gift for learning, academic integrity is never compromised by slanting education to agree with a particular religious bias. All faith traditions are welcome here. By encouraging students to make career decisions that are consistent with their own faith and values, Augustana educates students for a wide range of careers and professional callings. Learn more about Augustana's educational outcomes.


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