Keynote Speaker

Kaeti Hinck '07

The 2021 Symposium will feature a keynote by Dr. Sorcha Brophy, "Making Morals, Making a Difference?"

Dr. Brophy will describe conflicts that occur in organizations around the creation of policies on topics such as gay marriage, racial diversity, and abortion. Members of organizations express ambivalence about organizational ethics policies--even as most people agree that organizations should have them, and there is a lot of skepticism about what organizational ethics actually do. She will provide insight about the real role of ethics in orgaizations as well as discuss some of the ways that research has the potential to improve the types of organizations that we encounter on a daily basis.   

Dr. Brophy is an Assistant Instructional Professor at the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago. She teaches courses on the politics of health care, police reform, organizational ethics, race based policy in America, and policy implementation. Her research, teaching, and writing all explore the complex politics that emerge in organizations as they attempt to create and implement ethics policy. She has recently authored articles in Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, the Journal of Professions and Organization, and Sociology of Religion.

Past Keynote Speakers

  • 2020  Keynote cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • 2019 "Ghosts in the machine: How technology is shaping our behaviors, what we believe, and how we live."
    Kaeti Hinck '07, 2019 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University
  • 2018 "Clouded leopards, orangutans and the quest of feeding 10 billion people a healthy and sustainable diet."
    Dr. Brent Loken '94, Science Liaison Officer for EAT
  • 2017 "Science and Reason in a Post-Truth Age."
    Dr. David Myers, professor of psychology at Hope College
  • 2016 "Shaping Perceptions from Misconceptions? Analyzing Myths and Realities of the Contemporary U.S. Immigration Debate"
     Dr. Cari Lee Skogberg Eastman '96, author of Shaping the Immigration Debate: Contending Civil Societies on the U.S.-Mexico Border and Immigration: Examining the Facts
  • 2015 "Seriously Amazing Moments in Smithsonian Forensic Anthropology and Skeletal Biology"
    Dr. Douglas Owsley, Division Head for Physical Anthropology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
  • 2014 "Turn that Frown Upside Down: A Heartwarming Tale of Debt and Deficits in the Modern Economy"
    Dr. Stephanie Kelton, professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • 2013 "Suffrage Parades, Pickets & Postcards: Images of Vulnerable Bodies & Civic Obligations"
    Dr. Catherine H. Palczewski, professor of Communication Studies and Women's & Gender Studies at the University of Northern Iowa
  • 2012 "Academic Malpractice? The Ongoing Popularity of Creationism among High School Biology Teachers"
    Dr. Randy Moore, professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • 2011 "Placing Nuns Inside the Women's West: Convent Archives and Academic Research"
    Dr. Anne M Butler, professor emerita of Utah State University
  • 2010 "Archiving American Literature Online: How the Digital Humanities
    Dr. Ed Folsom, Roy J. Carver Professor, University of Iowa
  • 2009 "The Human Genome Project: Why All the Fuss?"
    Alan E. Guttmacher, MD., Acting Director, National Human Genome Research Institute
  • 2008 "Rule of Law: The Holy Grail — What Is It and Why Is It So Difficult to Build?"
    Erik Jensen, Advisor to the World Bank & Asian Development Bank
  • 2007 "A New New World: The Democratization of Knowledge, Culture, Politics, and Pretty Much Everything in Between"
    Andrew McLaughlin, Head of Global Public Policy & Government Affairs for Google, Inc. & Senior Fellow at The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School
  • 2006 "From Garbage to Stuff: How We Recycle Plastics"
    Dr. William F. Carroll, Vice-President, OxyChem, 2005 President of the American Chemical Society
  • 2005 "A Defense of Party Spirit"
    Dr. Russ Muirhead, Harvard University
  • 2004 "Small Talk: What It Does and Why It Matters"
    Dr. Julia T. Wood, professor of Communication at the Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • 2003 "The End of Ethics in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit"
    John Lantos, MD, University of Chicago School of Medicine & MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics
  • 2002 "The Funds, Friends, and Faith of Happy People"
    Dr. David Myers, Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar, Hope College
  • 2001 "Ancient Wisdom & Modern Love"
    Dr. David O'Conner, University of Notre Dame