Archive of Student Presentations 2020

A list of student presentations from the 2020 Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium follow, both Oral and Poster sessions.

Oral Presentations

Grace Aasheim  Minimizing the Justice Gap; Improving Acces to Legal Aid in South Dakota (Joel Johnson)

Chofian Abobakr  The Why in Why "We Will Not Be a Party to This Crime" (Dragona Kovacevic Bielicki)

Manaal Ali  Iran and the US: Engagement or Confrontation (William Swart)

Luca Amayo  Green Poison, Green Gold: Building Bioethanol Industry from Lake Victoria's Hyacinth Infestation (Reynold Nesiba)

Sara Telahun Birhe  Humans vs Beast of Burden: How the master-slave dialectic influences our thoughts on black bodies and their worth in the creation of our reality (Dave O'Hara)

Beau Bordewyk  Watching the Watchdogs: Depictions of Journalists in American Cinema (Joel Johnson)

Samuel Brown  Development of a Python-based Data Acquisition System for Michelson Interferometry (Andrew Klose)

Andrew Canaan, Ashlyn Himley, Tristan Love, Malia Lukomski, Coleman Peterson, and Elizabeth Schumacher  A New Collaborative Telling of James and The Giant Peach (Dan Workman)

Emily Costello  Creative World-building within The Tempest Costume Design (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

Erica Dorsett and Najma Siyad  Witness to Myself: Experiencing the Self Online (Katie McCollough)

Madison Feist  Social or Academia: What is more Important in Special Education? (Matt Johnson)

Katherine Gladitsch  Our Eighty Dollars: Reimagining the Strategic Importance of Foreign Assistance in the United States of America (Joel Johnson)

Taisya Gowlovech  The Untold Story of Blue Cloud Abbey (Cory Conover)

Lindsey Grassmid  Illuminating the Enlightenment (Lindsay Twa)

Derek Hamre  Why Craft Beer? A Market Analysis of The Craft Beer Industry (Matthew Willard)

Elizabeth Hansen  From Norway to the Midwest: Comparing Inclusive Special Education Practices (Kathleen Cook)

Morgan Kneip  Regulating Sex Work in America: A Moral and Statistical Analysis (David Golemboski)

Kirtana Krishna Kumar  Rediscovering stories: Exploring cultural practices as the foundation of modern lifestyle (Dave O'Hara)

Dana LeVan  Four Directions: Music Production (Peter Folliard)

Jessica Marsland  Music Therapy in the Treatment of Schizophrenia (Michelle Gierach)

Julia Megazzini  Under the Guise of Religion: How a Unified Spain Came to Be (Michael Rueter) 

Nhan D. Nguyen  Discovering Genes Responsible for Differences in Expression Levels among RNA-Seq Datasets (Charlie Weiss)

Hailey Nold  In God's Name, We Slay (Michael Rueter)

Hailey Nold  Measuring Closeness in One's Perceived Relationship to God (Ben Jeppsen)

Thea Patrick  An analysis of motivated reasoning as an explanation for people's reactions to politically-relevant news and information (Anne Zell)

Shauna Pauli  Love Loves Love (Janet Blank-Libra)

Elizabeth Petersen  The Effects of History and Public Opinion on Immigration (Joel Johnson)

Destiny Pinder-Buckley  From Novel to Novelty: Themes in Female Travel Writing (Daniel Gerling)

McKayla Poppens  Sec24d is required for collagen processing and neural development (Alex Kloth)

Kristina Ritschard  Die Rolle von Schweizerdeutsch: Soziologie und Sprachwandel in der Schweiz (Swiss German: Sociology and Linguistic Change in Switzerland) (Stephan Lhotzky)

Lucas Simpson  Investigating Potential Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapeutic Compounds (Seasson Vitiello)

Anna Kramer Steinwand  Hungry for Change: Food Rationing and Shortages in Cuba (Pilar Cabrera Fonte)

Jack Talcott  Christianity and Freemasonry in Sioux Falls (Cory Conover)

Cole Tessendorf  Peripheral neutrophils from pregnant women are primed to migrate during parturition by regulators present in the plasma (Jennifer Gubbels)

Rebekah Tuchscherer  Post or Perish: How college newspapers are moving online (Janet Blank-Libra)

Taylor Vaughn  Cheap and Costly Hope: A Framework for Understanding Christian Hope for People with Disabilities (Ann Pederson)

Trey J. Waldrop  Proton and Photon Irradiation Response Differences in BRCA1-modified Cell Lines (Drew Alton)

Katie Wright  The Singing Boys of Sioux Falls: A Strategic Communications Plan (Mike Nitz)

Poster Presentations

Dagny Anderson  Archaeological Site Preservation and the American Southwest: An Archaeologist's Perspective (K.C. Carlson)

Grace Bender  Refugee Health Care Barriers (Michelle Gierach)

Samuel Berninzoni  Colorado Wildfire Prevention and Understanding Utilizing Geographic Information System Maps (Sarah Olimb)

Aedan Brannan  Similarities between the Spring Holidays of the Pagan Ostara and the Christian Easter (K.C. Carlson)

Sabdi Bravo  Augustine's View on Women and Heaven (Julie Loveland Swanstrom)

Natalie Chouinard  Possible Correlation between Impaired Wetlands and Population in Minnesota (Sarah Olimb)

Kendall Cornick and Daniel Bishop  Calling Creativity: The Effect of Smartphone Use on Creativity (Elizabeth Babcock)

Lauren Dan  Lynch Site Cache Pit Analysis (K.C. Carlson)

Margaret Dow  Archaeological Tourism and the People of the American Southwest (K.C. Carlson)

Brandi Drumm  Monstrosity in the Sneetches (Julie Loveland Swanstrom)

Madeline Engel  Fictional Languages and Meaning (K.C. Carlson)

Janet Guerrero  Refugees and Second Language Acquisition (K.C. Carlson)

Brayden Harris  Mapping Land Usage along the Big Sioux River to determine Nonpoint Source Pollution (Sarah Olimb)

Tyler Hayes and Taylor Beagle  Identification of Polymorphisms in Candidate Genes involving Egg Size in Drosophila melanogaster (Cecelia Miles)

Amy Hurley  The Benefits of Bringing Residency Programs to the Profession of Nursing (Michelle Gierach)

Cal Irvine  Contributing Factors to the Exponential Increase in the Number of COVID-19 Cases in the U.S. (Sarah Olimb)

Kulani Jahrling  A Linguistic Study of the Art in Chauvet Cave (K.C. Carlson)

Kate Jenkins  Reopening a cold case: another look at a SD disappearance (K.C. Carlson)

Kyla Kasuske and Haley Eversman  Comparison of Water-Related Traits Between Asclepias speciosa and Asclepias syriaca (Steven Matzner)

Elizebeth Kiffmeyer and Jameson Cosgrove  Investigating the Cerebellum in the BTBR Mouse Model of Autism (Alex Kloth)

Hosea Kost  Sustainability in South Dakota: A Comparative Study of University Culture (K.C. Carlson)

Zechava Kreiselman  LGBTQ+ Acceptance and Expression in Sioux Falls (K.C. Carlson)

Lauren Kress  The Effect of N-methyl fluoxetine on the Expression of Select Genes of Trichophyton interdigitale (Cynthia Anderson)

Makayla Kuhn  Exploring Cultural Competency in Healthcare in the United States and Kenya (Michelle Gierach)

Makayla Kuhn, Garrett Brooks, Meydee Okello and Brenna Zirpel  Is Nursing Intuition More Effective than Early Warning Scores? (Michell Gierach)

Madeline Loger  Effect of Coronavirus 19 on the United States Healthcare System (K.C. Carlson)

Erik Malling  Minnesota Mines and Watersheds: A GIS Study (Sarah Olimb)

Audreyanna Frances Martin  Native American Healing (K.C. Carlson)

Wyatt McLeod  A Short Study on Beef Efficiency in Nebraska (Sarah Olimb)

Julila Megazzini  Where do Vikings come from? A Geographic Snapshot of Augustana's Student Body using GIS (Sarah Olimb)

Feven Minaleshewa and Kissanet Birhane  Identification of Rate Limiting Step in the Indolic Glucosinolate Pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Jacob Morarend  An Examination of Coronavirus' Impact on Each State's Workforce (Sarah Olimb)

Alyssa Olson  Tattoo Anthropology (K.C. Carlson)

Elizabeth Pompa and Grace Goble  Consequences of hybridization of two native milkweed species (Asclepias) in their natural hybrid zone (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Annika Potratz  How does American Medicine effect different Cultures? (K.C. Carlson)

Madelyn Powell  Pandora or the Black Hills? Learning from Our Past (Julie Loveland Swanstrom)

Janelle Shiffler  Differential Effect of Exercise, Estradiol, and Specific Estrogen Receptor Activation on Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors (Brittany Gorres-Martens)

Grace Valen and Brady Williquett  Analysis of Platelet Responses to Different Agonists in the Native American Population (Mark Larson)

Noah Wicks  Mapping the correlation of ethanol and biodiesel facility locations to state crop and biofuel production (Sarah Olimb)

Margaret Wiebelhaus  GIS and Archeology-How the Past Impacts the Present (Sarah Olimb)