Archive of Student Presentations 2021

A list of student presentations from the 2021 Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium follow, both Oral and Poster sessions.

Oral Presentations

Katherine Asklund  Veteran Suicide in the United States (Cory Conover)

Lila Batcheller  The Duality of Women in Drug Trafficking in Contemporary Literature (Joseph Patteson)

Sarah Bell  The Importance of Elementary Foreign Language Learning (Stephan Lhotzky)

Kissanet Birhane  Diagnosing America's Healthcare System (Reynold Nesiba)

Geena Black  Owl Cave Mass Bison Kill (K.C. Carlson)

Rachel Boer  "La Lucha o La Huida" en personajes de Narcocultura (Joseph Patteson)

Blake Chesley  How Businesses Use Your Personal Data (Raymond Leach)

Jason Connelly  The Role of American Journalism in Public Opinion During the Rise of Fascism (Cory Conover) 

Audrey Cope  Public Transit: A Policymaker's First Line of Defense in Addressing Concentrated Poverty Growth (Joel Johnson)

Rachel Davis  Exploring COVID-19 Vaccination Workplace Policy (Shelly Gardner)

Haley Delaney  Alice Pickler's Contribution to Women's Suffrage in South Dakota (Cory Conover)

Sydney Denekamp  Normalization of Child Exploitation Online (Kathleen McCollough)

Grace Douglas  The 2020 Election: Securing the Vote During a Pandemic (Emily Wanless)

Carla Graciano  Perra Brava: An Analysis of Power and Subjectivity in the Mexican Cartel (Joseph Patteson)

Alicia Grassmid  Music as an Essential Element of Responsible Life (Peter Folliard)

Brooklyn Gross  Using Young Adult Literature to Destigmatize Mental Illness (Beth Boyens)

Kale Hellman  "I am of an entirely different character": An Actor's Portrayal of Complex morality in Euripides' Medea (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

Cal Irvine  What They Know About You (Sharon Gray)

Logan Kadoun  College Protesters in the 1060s Revolutionizing the Methods of Protest for those that have Followed (Cory Conover)

Emily Kreykes  Costuming Guys and Dolls: Designing a show of the 1940s in 2021 (Jacee Casarella)

Noah Langley  A Requiem For My Youth (Janet Blank-Libra)

Tori Lind, Mia Becic, & John Thorstenson  Urban Bird Evolution (Carrie Olson-Manning, Cecelia Miles, & Amy Lewis)

Luke Matzner  Troubleshooting protoDUNE (Drew Alton)

Isabelle McElyea  Desegregation in Minnesota Schools: a Review of the History of Desegregation and Integration with a Case Analysis (Cory Conover)

Gloria McKenney  Meeting the Needs of ELL Students in a Virtual Learning Environment: A Case Study (Sharon Andrews)

Gabrielle Minneman  Houseplants and Happiness: The Benefits of Indoor Gardening on Mental Health (Julie Swanstrom & Richard Swanson)

Callin Naddy  EILMELDUNG! Journalismus stirbt nicht!: Ein kurzer Blick auf die journalistischen Praktiken und Lösungen heute (BREAKING NEWS! Journalism is not dying: A short look at the practices and solutions of today) (Stephan Lhotzky)

Sky Nockels  The Nazi Network: The Rise of the American Far-Right in the Age of Social Media (Cory Conover)

Hailey Nold  Perceptions of Mental Health Resources at Augustana University (Ben Jeppsen)

Joseph Norem  From East to West to South: The History of Cymbals within the Marching Ensemble (Dan Sailer)

Thea Patrick  The Effects of Emphasizing Feminine and Masculine Traits on Evaluations of Female Political Candidates of Different Races and Ethnicities (Anne Zell)

Elizabeth Pompa  How to be fit: Using gene expression in plant tissues and new mutations to understand the link between genotype and phenotype (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Sydney Powers  Tribal Self-Governance of Indian Health Services in the Great Plains Region (Joel Johnson)

Lydia Sargent & Amber Wendt  Connections Between Personality and Willingness to Bend Moral Rules in Politics (Anne Zell)

Dylan Schuck  4Ocean: Can a For-Profit Company Alter the Private Sector and Environment for the Greater Good? (David O'Hara)

Maycie Schultz  Defining the Impact of DHCR7 Mutations on Endocytic Trafficking Using Patient-Derived Fibroblasts (Andrew Klose)

William Solberg & Anna Bauman  Digital Activity's Impact on Creative Ability (Elizabeth Babcock)

Anna Sorenson  Gangsters, Guns, and Money (Jeffrey Miller)

Logan Stacey  Biohacking: a powerful mechanism for changing human physiology and transforming our healthcare system (Paul Egland)

Jillian Stamp  HPV-related post-transplant complications in Native American/American Indian females (Jennifer Gubbels)

Jillian Stamp  Transforming the American Perspective on Public Health Through the Lens of Utilitarianism: A Closer Look at the HPV Vaccine and COVID-19 (Joel Johnson)

Landon Thompson  The failure of the UNAMIR mission in Rwanda: The causes of disaster (Cory Conover)

Elizabeth Yoder  Christian Ideology's Dominance Over Denominational Identity In Political Preference (Richard Swanson)


Poster Presentations

Jason Becker & Ellie Holmes  Antimicrobial Effects of Placenta on Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms (Paul Egland)

Melanie Borson  Mapping the Health of Washington State Forests (Sarah Olimb)

Grace Bucklin  Wall Lake Recreational Trail Proposal (Sarah Olimb)

Nik Burow  Tornadoes On the Move? (Sarah Olimb)

Natalie Chouinard  Effects of Sulfide-Ore Copper Mining in Wilderness Protected Areas-B.W.C.A (David O'Hara)

Jameson A. Cosgrove, Lauren K. Kelly, & Elizabeth A. Kiffmeyer  Sex-dependent impacts of environmental enrichment on Angelman Syndrome mice (Alexander Kloth)

Janai Crawford  Modification of the Gut Microbiome by Exercise and Specific Estrogen Receptor Activation in Type 2 Diabetes (Brittany Gorres-Martens)

Peyton Crichton  Forensic Analysis of Saw Marks on Bone (K.C. Carlson)

Madeline Engel & Natalie Chouinard  Surveying The Future: Archaeology, Sustainability, and Cultural Awareness (K.C. Carlson)

Tyler Hayes & Alli Hoefakker  SNPs associated with increased egg size in cold-adapted Drosophila melanogaster (Cecelia Miles)

Emily Konz & Samantha Marts  Comparison of Water-Related Traits Between Asclepias speciosa and Asclepias syriaca

Rachel Nguyen, Lauren Kress, & Intisar Koch  Investigating the Evolutionary History of Foraging Behaviors of Fruit-Feeding Central and South American Neotropical Butterflies (Carrie Olson-Manning)

Carly Renken  Academic Growth Trajectories on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) by Race/Ethnicity (Brad Uhing)

Maxwell Sommervold  The Perfect Psychopath (K.C. Carlson)

Logan Stacey  The Characterization of Phagocytosis Stimulation and Bacteriostatic Activity by Animal Placenta (Paul Egland)

Kristina Theodosopoulos  Speech-Language Pathology Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Karen Mahan)

Michaela Udlock  Effect of Lavender Aromatherapy on Sleep Quality (Ranae Aukerman)

Ky Uthe  The Decline of the Dakota Skipper (Sarah Olimb)

Ted Van Alstyne & Ashlee Cain  Chitosan, hyaluronic acid biopolymer (LbL) assembly on siloxy amino functionalized balafilcon A contact lenses (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Kalista Vanden Berge & Jamie Sommerdorf  Using Quantum Dot-Aptamer Bioconjugates for Cancer Detection (Barrett Eichler)

Mia Werger  Vanishing Kingdom: The chronicle of a micro-prairie restoration in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (David O'Hara)

Hunter Widvey  Validation of qPCR Primer Sets to Measure Gene Expression in Candida glabrata and Candid albicans (Cynthia Anderson)