Projects Completed by Civitas Graduates

Civitas 395 speaks to Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ideal of vocation, a calling to life that answers both the call of Christ and the call of fellow humans in the real world: “Vocation is responsibility and responsibility is a total response of the whole person to the whole of reality.”

The Civitas 395 individual project represents the culmination of a student’s work in the Civitas program and at Augustana. It indicates the direction a student wants to follow, professionally and personally, upon departure from the College, just as it indicates the responsibility they assumes in answering their calling to life.

Following is a list of 2013 projects completed by graduates of the Civitas 395 program.

Student | Project Title | Advisor

  • Jennifer Benoy | Synthesis and Click Chemistry of Alkynyl 7-Dehydrocholesterol | Jetty Duffy-Matzner (chemistry)
  • John Detlie | Rise of the Leviathans: The British Shipbuilding Industry, 1870-1916 | Peg Preston (history)
  • Nicole Ensz | Exogenous Modification of Platelet Membranes with the Omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA | Mark Larson (biology)
  • Sam Evenson | An Investigation of the Immune Modulatory Properties of SUSD2 and Galectin-1 Protein Expression in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer | Jenny Gubbels (biology)
  • Jesse Goodwin | The Question of Felon Disenfranchisemet: Challenges to the Purity of the Ballot Box | Joel Johnson (government)
  • Alaina Heiskary | More Than a Band-Aid: Fighting Food Insecurity in Sioux Falls, SD | Susan Schrader (sociology)
  • Katie Hjerpe | Deeper Healing, Fewer Band-Aids: A Case for the Prioritization of Dialogue in Intercultural Reconciliation | Bill Swart (sociology)
  • Scott Hofer | The Millenial Generation Tax Code: A Proposal for a More Practical and Ethical Tax Code | Joel Johnson (government)
  • Spencer Hopewell | Manifest Destiny: Chasing the Western Muse | Darcie Rives-East (English)
  • Sabrina Johnson | Mon Cadran Solaire: An Analemmatic Sundial | Steve Thomas (art)
  • Marissa Knaak | Congress Shall Make No Law: Governmental Suppression of the Freedom of the Press During World War I | Peg Preston (history)
  • Molly Kokesh | Exploring "Waste Reduction" Techniques in Sustainable Development Policy: A Case Study in Sioux Falls, SD | Joel Johnson (government)
  • Carmen Mercy | Babydom: A Business Plan | Shelly Gardner (business administration)
  • Alison Peymann | Lines Along the Landscape: Understanding Midwestern Poetry through Joyce Sutphen | Patrick Hicks (English)
  • Anne Pfiefle | Evaluating the Backgrounds of DarkSide | Drew Alton (physics)
  • Marni Shoemaker | Gylcemic Control in DM1 Adolescents: Moderate Intensity Exercise in Hot and Cool Environments | Mark Larson (biology)
  • Maddie Spalding | Subversive Children's Literature | Sandra Looney (English)
  • Ezra Thompson | Analyzing Activity Use at Three Minnesota State Parks: Sibley, Lake Shetek and Lake Carlos | Craig Spencer/Steven Matzner (biology)
  • Hal Thompson | The Evolution of Satan | Sandra Looney (English)
  • Thad Titze | The Flexibility and Challenges of the Scandinavian Welfare System | Joel Johnson (government)
  • Kadyn Wittman | The Northern Irish Conflict: A Comparative Study of Catholic-Protestant Relations in Northern and Southern Ireland | Susan Schrader (sociology)
  • Kelly Wong | Investigating Epigenetic Regulation of Water-Use Related Genes in Tomato | Steven Matzner (biology)

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