Augustana University Leadership Academy

The Augustana University Leadership Academy is intentionally designed as the signature element of the MBA program. Student Fellows will be aligned with Mentors in a match based upon

  • industry (primarily within one of the four industry segments identified below),
  • role, or
  • organizational type to connect students with community leaders in a mentoring relationship.

The intent is to provide an invaluable link between academic theories and on-the-job realities. The Leadership Academy is dedicated to curricular and experiential alignment, providing a culminating consulting project beneficial for both student Fellows and local businesses. Community-integrated learning corresponds directly with AU’s core values of community, excellence, and service. 

Mentors will assist student Fellows in specifying their professional development goals throughout one academic year, and student Fellows will close the reciprocal relationship loop by using their acquired academic knowledge (contemporary theories and conceptual issues) from coursework to provide consulting pertinent to the particular Mentor’s industry or organization. Mentors will be carefully selected, based upon their mentoring/coaching abilities and success in the four broad industry segments for which this region has become recognized:

  • Healthcare Management
  • Finance/Technology/Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate and Commercial Development
  • Family and Community Services

The Leadership Academy is poised to capitalize on experts in these four enterprise areas to prepare the future workforce by supplementing theory with applied skills. Student Fellows and Mentors will commit to meet at least once per month from August through April.