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Programs Costs and Financial Aid

Per credit costs are determined by cohort start date. Students entering the program in a particular term will have the same rate of tuition throughout the program if the student remains continuously enrolled.  Any breaks in enrollment will result in the tuition changing to the current rate at the point of re-enrollment. 

Tuition is $490 per credit for cohorts entering the program in Fall 2022 or later. A $60 application fee will be assessed at the time of application, and a $500 non-refundable program fee will be assessed with the first semester’s tuition. The total cost for the three practica (clinical experiences/supervised fieldwork) is $5,100, which will be paid directly to HOPE Group Clinical, the company that will be supervising the practica. See the tables below for program costs for students entering their programs in Fall 2022. Apply Now

Tuition and Fees - Cohort 1 (Fall 2022 start)


Description and Costs (AU)

HOPE Group Fees


One time non-refundable program fee: $500

2 VCS courses (6 credit hours, $490/credit): $2,940


February: Clinical I



2 VCS courses (6 credit hours, $490/credit): $2,940

March-July: Clinical II



1 VCS course (3 credit hours, $490/credit): $1,470



2 VCS Courses (6 credit hours, $490/credit): $2,790

August-December: Clinical III


Total Tuition & Fees (Fall 2022 start)

$10,850 (AU)

$5,100 (HG)

Note: AU = Augustana University, VCS = Verified Course Sequence, HG = HOPE Group.

Transfer Credits

The Master of Education in Special Education – Applied Behavior Analysis (M.Ed. SPED ABA) program provides an eligibility pathway to the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA) examination (BCBA-2022 Eligibility Requirements Handbook, p. 8):

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Degree completion in the M.Ed. SPED ABA program encompasses the three required components of Pathway 2, including a Verified Course Sequence of behavior-analytic coursework and concentrated supervised fieldwork; as such, transfer credits will not be accepted.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to qualified students for the Verified Course Sequence courses (21 credits) in the M.Ed. SPED ABA program. Payment plan options are also available. Please refer to our financial aid page or contact Augustana’s Office of Financial Aid at 605.274.5216 or with further questions. 

Note: The three clinical practica in the M.Ed. SPED ABA program are delivered through Augustana’s partners, the HOPE Group, as continuing education credits, which are not directly eligible for student loans. However, the Federal Direct Loan maximum for graduate students is the lesser of the total Cost of Attendance OR $20,500 per year. Although we encourage you to borrow only what you need, you might consider covering the additional costs for the three clinical practica through your student loan.