Certification Information

Certification In South Dakota

  • Augustana University’s Master of Education in Special Education (SPED) program in K-12 SPED is designed for certified teachers and those interested in serving children and youth with disabilities in other capacities.
  • The required coursework reflects South Dakota’s required content for endorsements in K-12 Special Education.
  • Endorsements in South Dakota are ONLY available to teachers in South Dakota.  South Dakota certified teachers must request to add an endorsement to an existing teaching credential.  Contact the SD DOE for information about adding an endorsement by emailing them:  certification@state.sd.us
  • An online degree from Augustana University does not lead to immediate teacher licensure or endorsement in any state, except South Dakota.
  • Post-degree requirements for South Dakota certified teachers to add a SPED endorsement include additional PRAXIS testing as follows: 
    • SPED Content Test
      • SPED Content Test specific to the SPED program being completed
        • K-12 (#5354)
    • Pedagogy/PLT Test
      • For K-12 SPED endorsement applicants may need to take #5622 OR #5624
        • For the K-12 SPED Endorsement the PLT test requirement may be waived if verification of two or more years of state-certified teaching experience in the grade span of the endorsement is documented.

Certification In States Other Than South Dakota

To pursue an endorsement and/or alternative certification in Special Education in your state, contact your state's education authorities prior to enrolling at Augustana to determine what state-specific requirements you must complete before obtaining your endorsement/license. Augustana has not made a determination that our curriculum meets the State educational requirements for licensure or certification outside of SD. Augustana graduates will be subject to additional requirements on a state-by-state basis that may include one or more of the following:

  • student teaching or practicum experience,
  • additional coursework,
  • additional testing, or
  • if the state requires a specific type of degree to seek alternative certification, earning an additional degree.

Other factors, such as a student’s criminal history, may prevent an applicant from obtaining licensure or employment in this field of study.  All prospective students are advised to visit the US Department of Education’s website (www.ed.gov/) and to contact the licensing body of the state where they are licensed or intend to obtain licensure to verify that these courses qualify for teacher certification, endorsement, and/or salary benefits in that state prior to enrolling.  Prospective students are also advised to regularly review the state’s policies and procedures relating to licensure as those policies are subject to change.

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