The core course descriptions for the Master of Education in Special Education program follow — 12 required credits:

SPED 600: Introduction to Graduate Research (3 credits)

This course is designed to introduce students to research in special education. Course participants will be able to critically evaluate research studies and develop research proposals that can be carried out in schools and other professional settings. The course will aid professionals in their ability to locate research studies, interpret and understand research studies, and to decipher their symbols and terminology. In addition, the course will enable participants to design research studies, including finding and using literature in their educational field, writing an introduction and state a purpose for a study, identifying research questions and hypotheses, stating the significance of a study, and developing advanced methods and procedures for data collection and analysis. The course will focus on the two predominant approaches used by most researchers: quantitative and qualitative.

SPED  621: Collaboration with Families and Professionals in Special Education (3 credits)

This course presents models for collaborating with families, paraprofessionals, related service providers, and other professionals to support individuals with disabilities across the life span. Emphasis on family systems, teaming, and consultation.  Includes focus on the collaborative creation of safe, inclusive, culturally responsive learning environments and making team- and assessment-based decisions for engaging individuals with exceptionalities in meaningful learning activities and social interactions. 

SPED 622: Special Education Law and Leadership (3 credits)

This course provides a review of the most significant federal and state laws governing the education of students with disabilities; and applicable standards of professional ethics. Emphasis is also placed on understanding administrative regulations and policies as well as case law related to the provision of special education supports and services. Student will examine rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities as well as principles for effective advocacy.

SPED 695:  Research Synthesis Project  (3 credits)

In this course, the student will plan and complete a substantial research synthesis project under the direction of a graduate faculty mentor. The project allows students to conduct an in depth study of a topic of professional interest related to the selected area of concentration in the Master of Education in Special Education program. The project allows students to integrate the theory and perspectives gained in previous courses. As the culminating project for the program, the final product should demonstrate the student’s competence in conducting an extensive research review, writing professionally, and applying theory to future practice.