Media Studies Major

Building the Midco Media Center

Building the Midco Media Center

Why should I major in media studies at Augustana?

  • Media studies analyzes the collection, production and spread of ideas within the context of an increasingly media-rich world.
  • This major also explores the social, historical, political and cultural aspects of the media, while developing an understanding of its aesthetics, production and social influence.
  • Media studies is increasingly important given that contemporary public influence takes place primarily in media contexts. Over the last decade, we have seen technology allow a seamless merger between print, radio, television and other mediums. We have also seen the rise of social media and internet-based traditional media.
  • This technology has not only changed the delivery of messages but the content as well. Communication professionals today must be able to understand the types and processes of influence within, as well as the cultural insight that can be gained from new media communication so they can be effective analysts, producers and consumers of such communication. This understanding is centered on the study of texts, audience and production.
  • Further, a deep understanding of new media processes is important for effective citizenship in a digital age where students will face countless opportunities to consume, interpret and create media messages. Their knowledge and skill in this area will have lasting impacts upon the ethics and effects of media as well as the world at large.

As a media studies major you will:

  • Become a well-informed and ethical media analyst, producer, consumer and critic.
  • Experiment with a wide range of mediums including photography, audio, video, etc.
  • Learn the history of relevant theories about the media.
  • Explore the ways media reflects, infuses and influences communication and culture.
  • Hear a variety of critical, sociological and historical perspectives on old and new media.
  • Be assigned courses, projects and internship opportunities that enable students to develop skills at producing mediated messages.
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