Hands-On Learning

Augustana's Data Warehouse

The alliance between the data science department at Augustana University and partners of the data warehouse hosted at AU opens the door to many opportunities.

AU hosts a central repository consisting of two data hubs: a proprietary hub used for warehouse partners’ research projects and “OpenSiouxFalls,” a central repository of community indicators reflective of the workforce, economic vitality, social services, education, and quality of life of the Sioux Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Hosting the data warehouse builds additional capacity for scholarly, academic research opportunities for AU faculty and students.

“Augustana is working every day to help build a better tomorrow here and around the globe. This project helps our community partners do the same,” said Dr. Pam Homan ‘81, Vice President for Advancement. “In addition, this endeavor gives way to unmatched opportunities to engage in valuable, real-world research for our faculty and students.”