Mathematics Class

Why Choose Math

Enjoy mathematics? We have a place for you in the mathematics department at AU. Your degree here will open doors to countless career opportunities.

Mathematics majors at AU enjoy:

  • Courses taught by Ph.D. faculty (not teaching assistants)
  • A mathematics learning lab adjacent to faculty offices
  • Engaging advisors who get to know you by the first day of classes
  • Opportunities for student research projects during the academic year and in the summer
  • The ability to tailor your course of study

We have courses to develop basic competence in mathematical reasoning and intermediate courses that provide the necessary support for a variety of majors. We also have a full course of study for students intending to become teachers, actuaries, researchers or engineers — and for those who are preparing for graduate study in mathematics or related areas.

Math majors choose from various upper-level courses in topics as diverse as abstract algebra, topology, real analysis and complex analysis. Courses in computer science and physics are required, and students can select other advanced courses based upon your interests, choosing from classes such as probability and statistics, discrete structures and the history of mathematics. We can also help to design a faculty-guided independent study for a unique learning experience.

Graduates with a mathematics major from AU have seen:

  • Acceptance to graduate programs in mathematics and statistics
  • Graduate assistantships and enhanced aid packages for professional graduate programs
  • Paths to top-rated professions including actuaries, statisticians and mathematicians
  • Access to a wide variety of careers