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Mathematics Class

Why Choose Math

Enjoy mathematics? We have a place for you in the mathematics department at AU. Your degree here will open doors to countless career opportunities.

The math faculty at Augustana each specialize in a unique field, making their combined expertise invaluable to students.

Lindsay Erickson

Lindsay Erickson
Associate Professor
Froiland Science Complex #383

Dr. Erickson received her B.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics from North Dakota State University where she completed her dissertation titled “The Game of Nim on Graphs.” She has been the recipient of numerous fellowships including three from the National Science Foundation — one of which placed her at the Alfred Renyi Institute in Budapest, Hungary, as a Mathematics Research Fellow studying combinatorics in 2010. Prior to coming to Augustana, Erickson served as a visiting assistant professor in mathematics at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Dr. Erickson was awarded the 2015-2016 Granskou Award for Professional Development.

Martha Gregg

Martha Gregg
Associate Professor
Froiland Science Complex #385

Dr. Gregg teaches a wide variety of mathematics courses. Her research interests are in the area of functional analysis; specifically she studies a class of completely positive maps on C*-algebras. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Dr. Gregg was the recipient of the Jane & Charles Zaloudek Faculty Research Fellowhship in 2010.

Carl OlimbCarl Olimb
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Froiland Science Complex #382

After receiving his Ph.D. from Montana State University, Dr. Olimb served as an Assistant Professor at Southwest Minnesota State University. While there, he taught a wide array of courses while focusing  on math education. His primary research interest regards content knowledge for preservice teachers. Secondary interests include topological data analysis and cohomology of tiling spaces. While not teaching or working on his research, Dr. Olimb enjoys a game of chess.

Daniel PerryDaniel Perry
Assistant Professor
Froiland Science Complex #384

Daniel Perry, assistant professor of mathematics, has a B.A. in mathematics from Stonehill College, and received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Montana State University. He comes to Augustana University from Montana State University where he was a graduate teaching assistant.



Emil Knapp

Emil Knapp
Professor Emeritus

Over his forty year tenure at Augustana, Dr. Knapp taught virtually all of the courses offered in the department. In recent years he often taught "Quantitative Reasoning," "Foundations of Mathematics," "Calculus III," "Probability and Statistics," and "Senior Seminar." He received his Bachelor’s degree from Concordia College - Moorhead and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. His thesis developed a generalized theory of distributions, and his latest research interest is three-body stable orbits. Dr. Knapp is also a triathlete, and finished this summer's Hy-Vee triathlon in under four hours — a personal best!

Jay SmithJay Smith '67
Assistant Professor Emeritus

An Augustana faculty member for over 30 years, Jay Smith frequently taught "Calculus I" and "Calculus II" as well as required math courses for elementary education majors. He is an Augustana alumnus, and did his graduate work at University of South Dakota and Montana State University. Jay can frequently be found at Zorbas at Otter Tail Lake in the summer, or at Old Chicago in the winter.