LALC Emeriti

Our Emeriti dedication page includes information on many retired, tenured foreign-language faculty, as well as instructors and part-time adjuncts who taught courses in the Department. When known, degrees, languages taught, and years of service are indicated. Many of the portraits below were selected from volumes of the Edda, the University's yearbook.

Patricia AkersonPatricia Akerson, B.A., Spanish 1989-1998
John G. BerdahlJohn G. Berdahl, B.A., German, Latin 1904-1941
Robert BledsoeRobert Bledsoe Ph.D., Spanish, Portuguese 1972-2003
H. M. (Pat) BlegenHelmer M. Blegen, Lh.D., French, Spanish 1927-1965
Martin BrakasMartin Brakas, Ph.D., German 1964-1973
Birgit Lovlie BrokenlegBirgit Lovlie Brokenleg, Ph.D., Norwegian 1989-1993
Mrs. Charles B. DavisMrs. Charles R. Davis, French, 1921-1925
Michele G. DiaferiaMichèle G. Diaféria, Ph.D., French, 1989-1991
Joseph JerdeeJoseph Jerdee, M.A., German, 1963-1967
M. LhotzkyMonica Lhotzky, J.D., German -2021
S. LhotzkyStephan Lhotzky, Ph.D., German -2021
Ovidio ManalichOvidio Manalich, Ph.D., Spanish 1965-1972
Barbara NedelskyBarbara Nedelsky, M.A., French, German, Russian 1991-2008
Sam OgdieSam Ogdie, M.A., Spanish, 1996-2021
Rueben PetersonReuben Peterson, Ph.D., German, Norwegian 1964-1987
Manuel PuertaManuel Puerta, Spanish 1976-1979
Carol RogersCarol Rogers, M.A., French 1964-1968
Gerhard SchmuttererGerhard Schmutterer, Ph.D., German 1953-1985
Michael SmithMichael Smith, Ph.D., German, Russian 1986-1991
Ola H. SolheimOla Andreas Solheim, M.A., Norwegian 1928-1932
Ruth Sorlie StensethRuth Sorlie Stenseth, M.A., German, Norwegian 1946-1961