The United States has the second largest population of speakers of Spanish in the world. Spanish is one of the top most spoken languages globally. Learning the language of Miguel de Cervantes and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz will give you access to a robust literary tradition, allow you to communicate with speakers of twenty-one nationalities in their native language, and advance your life-long journey into the beauty and variety of the human world.

Top Reasons to Study Spanish at Augustana

  • Learn Spanish in an internationally diverse campus where you will meet students from all over the world—including many Spanish-speaking countries. .
  • Broaden your perspectives with Spanish faculty that is actively leading a variety of courses abroad, in destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Spain, and Morocco.
  • Develop skills and confidence in small-size classes with dedicated professors.
  • Connect with the Hispanic community of a diverse and thriving city through volunteering opportunities. Many of our students actively support the Pueblo de Dios Lutheran congregation as well as the Spanish Immersion Sonia Sotomayor Elementary school.
  • Share and discover new interests through the International Club, the Spanish Club, and the Celebration of Cultures series of activities.
  • For students who meet the eligibility requirements, join Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, and compete for a variety of scholarships.
  • Use your background in Spanish to pursue a second major or minor in Languages, Cultures and Literatures in order to broaden your knowledge by studying other languages.
  • Join a campus-wide community of active and motivated students in a major where everyone is pursuing studies in diverse areas, is planning to study abroad, and/or is actively engaged in service to the community.

Catalogue: Spanish courses