Hands-On Learning

Our department believes that learning is for living and doing. Therefore, we are committed to providing our students with opportunities to practice applying their knowledge. Whether students are aiming for careers in research, therapy, or other human service fields, they will have opportunities to gain relevant, hands-on experience. As a psychology major, you will be encouraged to take advantage of the Psychology Department’s outstanding practicum (internship) program, to join a professor’s research team, and/or design your own research project under the guidance of a professor. You will gain skills that are valuable in many careers and will be able to test your answers to the questions that you think are important.

Psychology Practicum
A practicum (or internship) in psychology is a valuable, exciting, practical learning experience. It gives students a hands-on opportunity to see how the methods and models they have been studying in the classroom actually apply to real people in the real world. Such practical experience is very important for students planning to work after graduation in human services fields. Read more about practicum.

Student-Faculty Research Opportunities
Psychology students at Augustana are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research projects. Students taking the Directed Research course will learn about the research process by working with a small group of students on an ongoing faculty research project. Advanced psychology students can build on the skills they have learned in Directed Research by undertaking an independent research project. Read more about about psychology research at Augustana.

Integrating the theories from the classroom into your profession is just one of the many skills psychology students learn at Augustana.