Religion, Philosophy, Classics

Have you ever wondered: Does life have purpose? Does God exist? Are there limits to human knowledge? Are morals relative or absolute? What are the legitimate goals of government?

In the Department of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, we encourage students to think about life’s deepest questions. Philosophy explores the nature of beauty, truth, justice, and goodness. The student of religion delves into the rich and diverse texts and ideas of Christian and other religious traditions. The study of the classical Mediterranean world takes us all the way back to the foundations of Western civilization, where religious thought, legal codes, drama, literature — even the writing of history itself — took shape.

Our department offers majors in religion, in philosophy and in classical studies, along with a combined major in religion/philosophy that explore how the methods and concepts of philosophy assist us in the examination of theology. We also offer minors in religion, philosophy, political philosophy and classical studies, which includes the study of Greek and Latin with attention to both the Bible and other classical contexts, to fulfill seminary prerequisites. Qualified students may apply for the religion honors program.

Many of our students never imagined they would become religion or philosophy majors, but they find themselves drawn in by the rigorous challenges of our faculty and curriculum. Do you love to question what you read? To take positions and support them? To debate, argue, explore and wonder? While our department teaches from within the Christian tradition, we’re never afraid to question dogma and learn from others.

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