Augustana students studying abroad

The study of religion, philosophy, and the classics begs for travel to explore the birthplaces of our ideas. Faculty have led trips to India to study “Mystery and Mystics,” to Israel for a class called “From Auschwitz to Jerusalem,” and to Latin America to study the ethics of globalization. Philosophy and Classics students have visited Greece, where the ideas of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were born.

International and Off-Campus Programs

Augustana University regards the whole world as its classroom because interpersonal and intercultural relations are a vital aspect of a student’s education. Students may select year long, semester, January Interim, and short-term programs. Credit earned in an approved study abroad program is accepted just like credit earned on campus. 

Closer to home, Sioux Falls provides sites for internships and volunteer service at area churches such as Our Savior’s Lutheran and First Lutheran, as well as at the American Cancer Society and various summer camps.

You also have the opportunity to become certified as a Church Staff Worker after completing a one-year work-study program in a parish in addition to earning your Bachelor of Arts degree.

What can you do with a religion, classics, or philosophy major when you graduate?