Approximately 14 percent of incoming Augustana students are undecided about their major area of study and choose Undeclared as their major. The Liberal Arts at Augustana allows students the time and freedom to explore a variety of areas and the opportunity to learn more about their interests and abilities. In fact, it may be more accurate to say students are Exploratory rather than Undeclared.

Augustana assists students who are exploring their options. Undeclared students are assigned a faculty advisor who helps the student select classes from the General Education Curriculum exposing the student to different areas of study. The advisor helps the student discover a major while attempting to keep the student on pace to graduate on time. The faculty and staff also work with students to establish career goals, determine career expectations and to develop potential to succeed in many areas.

Courses such as GENL 097 New Student Seminar (taken by all students during the first semester at Augustana) and GENL 100 Career and Life Planning (offered every Interim) along with their General Education courses have been helpful to students in the process of discovery. The Student Success Center is available to assist students discover the program that is the best fit for their unique abilities and interests.