Knight Internship Fund, Perry C. Page Scholarship Fund

The application deadline for Summer 2022 Knight Internship Funds has been extended to May 11. Perry C. Page Scholarship applications for fall semester are due August 1. Interim/Spring Semester applications are due December 1. 

Apply for the Knight Internship Fund/Perry C. Page Scholarship Fund

Application Instructions:

To be considered for these awards, students must complete an application. Be prepared to include a paragraph describing your internship and why this funding is intrinsic to your internship experience, your resume, and a budget outlining your income and expenses during the experience. Access the required budget form to complete your application.

  • Knight Internship Fund Award: Up to $2,000, awarded for summer internship experiences.
  • Perry C. Page Scholarship Internship Fund: In 2022-2023, awards of up to $1,600 are available for each semester. This scholarship is available for students pursuing an internship for either semester or interim during the academic year. This funding is applied toward student accounts as a scholarship and is used to supplement tuition costs only.

Purpose of the Awards

  • The purpose of the Knight Internship Fund is to assist qualified, highly motivated Augustana University students with expenses associated with their summer internship experiences. The Fund provides a stipend of up to $2,000 that can be used toward the expense of housing, travel, and/or tuition. The Knight Internship Fund is administered by a committee made up of University administration and faculty. Believing that summer internships provide a valuable learning experience for undergraduate students, Michael ’82 and Carine ’81 Knight provided the initial funding for this high-impact initiative. More recently, other prominent Minneapolis-St. Paul alumni have joined the Knights in supporting the Fund because they share a similar vision: Steve ’80 and Brenda ’81 Dronen, Dick Bland ’68, Pat ’81 and Patti McAdaragh, Jim ’77 and Sonja ’78 Odland, Greg ’73 and Barbara Janssen and Tim Kuck ’80.
  • The Perry C. Page Scholarship Internship Fund is in honor of Perry Charles Page, a native of Sioux Falls and a graduate of Augustana University (1969), Honors Cum Laude in Math and Business Administration. His family established this scholarship in his honor to offer internship study in locations that broaden student perspectives and enrich future generations. The scholarship is used for tuition costs for the internship experience.

Expectations/Criteria for Knight Internship Funds

  • Students will secure an internship outside the geographical area in which they normally reside. For the Knight Internship Fund, preference will be given to applicants completing summer internships for companies or organizations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
  • Students may use funding for housing, travel to and from the student’s home to the city where the internship is located, tuition (up to three credits) and/or income replacement if the internship is unpaid.
  • Students must meet the criteria for completing an internship in their major. In most cases, the student will hold junior status.
  • Students must complete an application and supply a resume that identifies their employment history, campus involvement, and other pertinent information.
  • Students must supply a paragraph describing why this funding is intrinsic to their summer experience.
  • Consideration will be given to a student’s financial need in the awarding process.

Knight funds will be distributed directly to the student in May prior to the summer internship. Receipt of these funds may affect total financial aid eligibility and/or tax liability.

Expectations/Criteria for Perry C. Page Scholarship

  • Students will secure an internship for credit.
  • The scholarship will be used to pay the student's tuition for credits she/he earns for taking a particular internship.
  • The internship experience must be at least 250 miles away from Sioux Falls, SD.
  • The applications are reviewed based on academic merit, relevance to future career goals, financial need, and personal growth.