American Studies

Why American studies?

Students who major in American studies will find an interdisciplinary curriculum where they develop analytical, critical thinking and writing skills while gaining knowledge about American culture and society.

  • Students have the opportunity to combine classes in government & international affairs, English, history, music and sociology to get multiple perspectives on a single theme.
  • American studies majors pursue careers in banking and business administration. They have also secured employment as museum curators and lawyers.


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American Studies

Hands-On Learning  

Internship opportunities include:

  • Congressional campaigns
  • Center for Western Studies (CWS)
  • Law firms
  • Siouxland Heritage Museums

Courses & Organizations

Students can choose to study in these areas:

  • American cultures
  • American histories
  • American politics
  • American society
  • Peoples of the Americas

American studies students often participate in:

  • Anthropology Club
  • Augustana Student Association (ASA)
  • Literature Club
  • Peace Club
  • Serving and Learning Together (SALT)