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Computer Science and Software Engineering/CIS

Augustana Participates in Call for Code Challenge

Augustana Participates in Call for Code Challenge

Technology is intricately woven into our daily lives, and the devices and applications we use are changing rapidly. Most people are never without their cell phone, and being off-line is an unfamiliar concept, at least for students. Computers hold our music and photo libraries, they allow us to watch movies and television shows anywhere and anytime, and we rely more and more heavily on the Web for researching most any question or subject. Today’s technology provides access to most anyone and anything worldwide.

The Department of Computer Science at Augustana has forged an innovative undergraduate curriculum that will equip you with both a broad and deep understanding of the foundations of this modern technological world. Our diverse group of scholars engages in assorted aspects of research, teaching and mentoring in computer science and its related interdisciplinary areas to provide up-to-date, quality instruction.

You can both major and/or minor in either:

  • Computer Science and Software Engineering — for students who plan to pursue graduate studies or seek employment involving the technical or scientific applications of computing. This major provides the stronger mathematical and scientific background.
  • Computer Information Systems (CIS) — for students who want to work with user-interfacing and the business applications of computing. This major deals more with the commercial and human aspects of computing.

Our active and close-knit community is supported by state-of-the-art computing hardware and software laboratories. Read more about our learning environment.

Course descriptions and requirements 

Studying Off Campus

Student studying at Augustana

In addition to faculty-supervised research opportunities with NASA, the National Science Foundation, and more, our students have provided technical expertise to real-world projects such as:

  • The Famine Early Warning System for Eastern Africa
  • Drought monitoring systems for the continental United States
  • Fire sequences and re-growth comparisons between the Black Hills and northern Siberia
  • Investigations of the seasonal characteristics of global cover types

Many of our students also take advantage of Sioux Falls’s status as the region’s business hub through internships at local businesses and organizations, including Click RainCitibank, Blend Interactive, 44 Interactive, LemonlySencore, SONIFI Solutions, Electric Pulp, and the U.S. Geological Survey’s EROS Data Center. Jobs and internship opportunities are listed in Augustana's career center website.

Various on-campus jobs are also available to computer science majors as tutors, networking specialists, computer laboratory assistants, and network administrators.

In addition, Augustana encourages students to explore numerous study-abroad opportunities, available during fall and spring semesters, interim, or summer of every year.

Learn what you can do with a computer science major when you graduate.


    Marcia EntwistleDr. Marcia S. Entwistle '83 (Chair)
    Associate Professor


    Dr. Entwistle received her Ph.D. from the University of South Dakota. She teaches courses in Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis, and Computer Programming. The primary focus of her research is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Dr. Entwistle shares a joint appointment between the departments of business administration and computer science. Her advising interests include helping students seeking careers combining business and technology. Dr. Entwistle also serves as our faculty liaison to our athletic department and serves as an official representative of Augustana in NCAA affairs. Her primary responsibility in this role is to advocate the appropriate emphasis on academics for our student-athletes.

    Sharon Gray

    Sharon Gray
    Director of Instructional Technologyand Instructor


    Sharon Gray holds a Masters of Selected Studies in instructional technology from the University of South Dakota. She is the Director of Instructional Technology and Canvas administrator at Augustana. She teaches the following courses for the Augustana Computer Science Department: Web Site Development and Design and Ethical Issues in Technology.

    Terence MournetDr. Terence C. Mournet
    Programmer Analyst and Instructor


    Dr. Mournet received his Ph.D. from the University of Durham, UK. He is a programmer analyst at Augustana University and currently teaches courses in computer programming and databases. He has extensive IT experience including work as a software developer, manager of information systems, director of educational technology, web administrator, electronic technician, and computer consultant. In addition to his IT experience, Terence is an internationally recognized scholar and author in the area of oral tradition and the Gospels and taught New Testament at the graduate level for 11 years at two different institutions. 

    Dr. Carrie Olson-Manning
    Assistant Professor
    Froiland Science Complex #225


    Carrie has a Ph.D. from Duke University, where she studied the biochemical evolution of herbivore resistance in the charismatic relatives of broccoli. Carrie grew up in North Dakota and did her undergraduate research with Tony Dean in Minnesota. She comes to Augustana from the University of Chicago where she worked in the Department of Ecology and Evolution.

    Daniel SteinwandDan Steinwand
    Assistant Professor


    A 1983 Augustana graduate, Dan Steinwand holds a master's degree in engineering from South Dakota State University, focused on signal and image processing. He joined AU's computer science department in 2017, and teaches the Data Science core (Intro, Analytics, and Visualization), Operating Systems, Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, and Software Engineering. Prior to joining Augustana, he worked as a Computer Scientist and Satellite Systems Engineer for USGS EROS and as a Data Scientist for Avera Health.

    Raymond Leach (1) Dr. Raymond Leach
     Assistant Professor
     Madsen Center #130


    Dr. Raymond Leach teaches courses in Data Science, Business Analytics, and Computer Programming. Raymond completed his graduate work at Claremont Graduate University and received his Ph.D. in Economics. His research interests include international economics and machine learning bias. Prior to joining Augustana, Raymond taught statistics at California State University - Los Angeles. Raymond shares a joint appointment between the Computer Science and Business Administration departments.