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Anne Zell

Dr. Anne Zell (Department Chair)
Associate Professor, Social Psychology

Dr. Zell received her doctoral degree in Social Psychology from Florida State University. She teaches courses in Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, General Psychology, and Diversity and Prejudice. She has wide ranging research interests that include social comparison, moral judgments about deception in politics and reactions to political fact-checking, humility, and narcissism and psychopathy. Outside of Augie, Anne loves playing games, reading, watching movies, and camping with her husband and four kids.

Lindsay Howard Dr. Lindsay Howard
 Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology 

Dr. Howard received her doctoral degree from the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology (a joint program between Old Dominion University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Norfolk State University). Her research interests are in exploring sociocultural models of disordered eating using ecological momentary assessment (EMA). She believes it is imperative to apply wisdom of variables, such as body-ideal internalization, media exposure, and pressures for thinness to our rapidly changing social environment. Her current projects also aim to examine facets of interpersonal interactions within social contexts that contribute to disordered eating, such as the impact of denial of disordered eating behaviors (i.e., the tendency to lie about or conceal disordered eating behavior). Her courses include Abnormal Psychology, Human LifeSpan Development, and Behavior Modification and Assessment. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and tennis as well as going for bike rides, spending time with friends, and going to Josiah’s Coffehouse with her husband.

Dr. Benjamin JeppsenDr. Benjamin Jeppsen
Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Jeppsen received his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Louisville. He teaches introductory courses in counseling and psychotherapy, Sport Psychology, Psychology and Religion, as well as General Psychology and Lifespan Development. Ben's research area is the relationship between private prayer and mental health. He is also a huge Batman nerd and loves using superheroes to teach mental health skills at comic conventions. When he's not teaching, he's probably making pizza with his awesome wife, watching sports, or playing a board game with his three amazing kids.

Shannon Proksch
Assistant Professor

Shannon Proksch received her doctoral degree from the University of California, Merced in Cognitive and Information Sciences. Her research interests are in music neuroscience, music cognition, and social interaction. Currently she teaches courses in General Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. When not teaching or doing research, Shannon can often be found doing archery with her partner or hiking and going on walks around town with their dog.

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Casey Trainor

Dr. Casey Trainor
Professor Emeritus, In Memoriam (2020), Clinical Psychology


Dr. Christina DeVita

Dr. Christina DeVita
Professor Emerita (2014), Counseling Psychology


Dr. Michael Nedelsky

Dr. Nedelsky/Fr. Michael
Professor Emeritus (2011), Clinical Psychology


Dr. Dennis Larson
Professor Emeritus (2007), Psychology