Student Employment Job Listing by Department

The following is a list of job descriptions for all Student Employment on-campus jobs. This is not a listing of available positions, just a description of all positions on campus. This listing is according to departments. Click on the department to see a list of possible positions available in that department. Further details and availability can be found through Augie Opportunities


Academic Affairs




Art Gallery


Augustana Reading Program


Buildings and Grounds

Business Office

Campus Learning Center

The Success Center

Center for Western Studies

Chapel/Religious Life


Commons/Campus Safety


Computer Science

Conference and Scheduling

Creative Services


Financial Aid

Office of Campus Life

Humanities Division

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Natural Science Division



Recreational Services


Social Science Division


Writing Center


Department: Academic Affairs Office, President's Office, and Registrar

Clerical Support : Provides clerical support to maintain the office operations of three academic offices. Tasks include answering phones, scheduling, computer work, filing, and assisting in the preparation of reports. Normal working hours.

Department: Admission

Student Ambassador: Provides prospective students and families with an exceptional visit experience through campus tours. Supports the Office of Admission with data entry, filing, mailings, and other office tasks. May involve evening and weekend hours.

Data Entry Assistant: Assists with entering and updating prospective student information. Should be proficient with computers and keyboarding. Must possess the ability to work efficiently and independently. Normal working hours.

Department: Advancement

Advancement Specialist: Supports the Alumni Office by updating the alumni database. Miscellaneous office duties upon request. Should have strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, good organizational skills, and excellent attention to detail.

Support Assistant: Tasks include processing mailings, filing, and running on-campus errands for the Advancement staff and administrators. Should have good organizational skills and excellent attention to detail. Occasional evening and weekend hours.

Department: Archaeology Laboratory

Laboratory Assistant: Supports both the research/academic and administrative functions of the Archaeology Lab. Tasks involve working with archaeological artifacts, data and reports. Familiarity with computers desired. Normal working hours.

Department: Eide/Dalrymple Art Gallery

Gallery Aide & Collection Technician: Works with the permanent Eide/Dalrymple Gallery collection. Punctuality, good telephone etiquette, an interest in fine arts, and the ability to cheerfully interact with the public are critical. May involve evening and weekend hours.

Department: Athletics

Athletic Director Assistant: Assists the athletic director with athletic events. Should have good organizational skills and computer literacy. Position may involve evening and weekend hours.

Compliance Assistant: Assists the compliance officer with computer work, copying, telephone calls and faxes. A non-athlete is preferred for this position. Should have good computer skills.

Office Assistant: Assists the Athletic Office with various secretarial duties, special events, and ticket sales. Should have keyboarding and telephone skills, be self-motivated and a problem solver. May involve evening and weekend hours.

Special Events Assistant: Helps set up for and assists during events. Tasks include tickets, preparing the forum for events,prepare field for games and practice, and working concessions. May involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Sports Information Director Assistant: Assists the Sports Information Director with computer work, data entry, stats, events and programs. Should have good people skills, computer literacy, and organizational skills. May involve physical labor, evening and weekend hours.

Laundry and Clean-up: Ensures practice gear for athletic teams is washed and dried daily. Cleans up for volleyball games, washing mats and sweeping court. May involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Weight Room Supervisor/Football: Responsible for keeping weight room clean and safe. Spot athletes while lifting for safety. Should be self-motivated. Position could involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Football Manager: Provides assistance to the football coaches. Tasks include working with team stats, mailing and videowork. Should be self-motivated. May involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Soccer Manager: Provides assistance to the soccer coaches. Tasks include videotaping, laundry, working with equipment and team stats. May involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Volleyball Manager: Provides assistance to the volleyball coaches. Tasks include working with team stats, laundry, taking phone calls, and videotaping. Position could involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Men's Basketball Manager: Provides assistance to the men's basketball coaches. Tasks include helping prepare for games, videotaping, and working with equipment. Position could involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Women's Basketball Manager: Provides assistance to the women's basketball coaches. Tasks include gameday assistance, working with equipment, videotaping and office work. Position could involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Softball Manager: Provides assistance to the softball coaches. Tasks include working with team stats, equipment, and setting up for games. Position could involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Baseball Manager: Provides assistance to the baseball coaches. Tasks include working with team stats, equipment, and setting up for games. Position could involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours.

Track/Cross Country Manager: Provides assistance to the track/cross country coaches. Tasks include data entry, creating letters, assisting during practices and meets.

Student Athletic Trainer: Assists with the daily operational needs of the Athletic Training room. This includes pre-practice / athletic event set up and general duties to prepare the Athletic Training room for the business day.

Department: Augustana Reading Program

Augustana Reads Tutor: Reads with and to the preschool children at the Campus Learning Center. Main responsibility includes reading to the children 1 hour per day.

Department: Biology

Teaching/Laboratory Assistant: Helps with laboratory preparation and cleanup, assisting the instructor, and maintaining students' safety in the lab. Should have basic laboratory skills and a firm grounding in biology. Position could involve physical labor/lifting.

Departmental Assistant: Tasks include secretarial/office duties, computer projects, and cleaning and reorganizing laboratories and equipment inventory. Also helps to maintain the department's journal collection. Typical assistants are biology majors.

Department: Buildings and Grounds

Facility Assistant: Primary responsibilities include light groundswork (weeding, shoveling entrances, laying down ice melt) and assisting with building care (vacuuming, dusting, light cleaning and resetting of common spaces). Normal office hours.

Department: Business Office

Student Assistant: Tasks include file maintenance, data entry and query, word processing, spreadsheets, campus errands and office cleaning. Students need to be detail-oriented. Aptitude for numbers and computers is a plus. Normal working hours.

Department: Campus Learning Center

Assistant to Teacher: Assists with the care and teaching of children ages 1 to 5. Must enjoy children and be patient, loving, and attentive. Must have some previous experience with child care in order to provide three references. Background check is required.

Department: The Success Center

Success Ambassador: Provides back up office support, greets visitors, sets appointments, and answers the phone. Visible to the campus community through minute clinics and other Success Center events. Posts job and internship positions in Augie Opportunities.  Should possess excellent verbal communication skills and computer or web design proficiency.

Department: Center for Western Studies

Student Office Assistant: Helps giftshop customers with questions and sales, answers phone calls, greets visitors, assists with inventory and exhibits, and data entry. Should have good computer, organizational, phone and people skills.

Department: Chapel/Religious Life

Chapel President: Represents campus ministry in worship, co-curricular council and events. Should have a clear commitment to Gospel, church and ministry, effective communication and delegation skills. May include evening and weekend hours.

Music Coordinator: Plans and leads musicians at Sunday worship and occasional midweek worship. Should be competent as a musician and leader, have knowledge of liturgy and church music. May include evening and weekend hours.

Outreach Coordinator: Coordinates youth, worship, and dance outreach team ministries. Outreach involves over 200 students each year. Should have excellent leadership and organizational skills. Position may include evening and weekend hours.

Chapel Ambassador: Supports and coordinates worship leaders and programmatic ministries. Responsible for one area of ministry such as web page maintenance, service efforts, Catholics in Action, publicity, and church vocation groups.

Musician: Supports congregational song in weekly worship. Should have competent musicianship and commitment to worship. Position may involve evening and weekend

Department: Chemistry

Laboratory Assistant I: Assists faculty with preparation for laboratory exercises (solutions, equipment, demonstrations, etc.); works with faculty member during the lap period; assists with grading; may provide tutorial assistance; helps to assure that safe practices are used by students in the laboratory; cleans up after lab.

Secretarial Assistant:

Assists with word processing, spreadsheets, data entry, filing, computer and office tasks for a faculty member or division secretary. Computer knowledge, responsibility, and willingness to learn are essential. Normal working hours.

Science Equipment Repair Student Assistant: Assists in repairing small scientific electrical appliances, transporting equipment, and organizing supplies. Should have a basic understanding of how to use common hand tools. May involve physical labor. Normal working hours.

Summer Assistant: Assists with general tasks for the Chemistry department and research projects, works with Chemical Hygiene Technician, and may provide tutorial assistance. Two or more years of university chemistry is preferred.

Department: Commons Desk/Campus Safety

Commons/Dispatch Assistant: Tasks include answering university phones at the Commons Desk and Campus Safety (dispatch). Calls are transferred to the correct department, person or information is relayed to officer(s) on duty. All assistants will monitor Commons building problems, campus fire alarms, surveillance systems and will assist in emergency situations. Assistants will handle money and provide clerical support for the office. This position does involve nights, weekends and holiday hours.

Department: Communication

Departmental Assistant: Works with faculty in the Communication Studies department on research projects and assists in departmental tasks which may include typing, copying, filing, etc. Must work well with others. Normal working hours.

Department: Conference and Scheduling

Logistical Assistant: Provides general assistance to the Logistical Coordinator with duties including setup and takedown for events and groups on campus (tables, chairs, light and sound equipment, etc.). The position will require some weekend and evening hours.

Events Assistant: Supports event preparation and set up while providing support for the office of Conference and Scheduling. Good organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to multi-task and a positive attitude are required.

Department: Creative Services

Office/Mail Room/Copy Assistant: Assists with reception area management, processing and distribution of mail, processing print orders, and distribution of supplies. Should be able to operate printing and copying machinery. Position may involve physical labor/lifting.

Department: Education

Assistive Technology Lab Assistant: Duties include assisting with assistive technology computer programs, photocopying, and cleaning. Training on assistive technology software will be provided. An interest in communication disorders is preferred.

Faculty Assistant: Specific duties include photocopying, filing, typing, cleaning, assisting visitors, and answering the phone for the Education department. General knowledge of office machines and computers are desired. Normal working hours.

ASL Classroom Assistant: Assists in the preparation and delivery of the American Sign Language I class. Must have knowledge of ASL and the ability to lead help sessions for students enrolled in ASL I. Position will include some evening hours.

Department: Financial Aid

Student Assistant: Handles a variety of tasks to support the Financial Aid staff including computer data entry, answering phone calls, assisting walk-in traffic, mailing, filing and shredding. Must be responsible and polite. Normal working hours.

Student Specialist: Processes students' financial aid information including loans, verification, work-study and award letters. Other tasks include data entry, filing, assisting walk-ins, and answering phones. Prior experience in the Financial Aid office needed.

Department: Office of Campus Life

Campus Life Office Administrative Assistant: Provides clerical support and scheduling in the Campus Life suite. Should be familiar with Microsoft Office programs, have good communication skills and professional phone courtesy. Normal working hours.

Department: Humanities Division

Humanities Division Assistant: Student Assistants will aid the Humanities Office in supporting the faculty and students in the Humanities Division. Work will include any general daily tasks deemed necessary to support the divisional needs along with answering phones, copying, typing, shredding, errands and housekeeping as needed. Must be personable, trustworthy and work well with staff members.

Department: Information Systems

Computer Help Desk Assistant I: Serves as the first line of contact and support for users of the Computer Help Desk and Information Technology Services. Should have basic knowledge of Augie's network and computer services. Some weekend and evening hours.

Computer Help Desk Assistant II: Staffs the Computer Help Desk to help with computing needs. Should be familiar with word processing, spreadsheets, applications, and have basic computer knowledge. Position may involve evening and weekend hours.

Help Desk Supervisor: Tasks include user support, supervising and training student staff, and organizing work orders. Should have previous Help Desk experience, knowledge of Augie's network, supported software and hardware.

Web Assistant I: Updates current web pages and helps develop new pages. Should be responsible, have adequate computer background and the ability to work well with and assist others. Knowledge of HTML coding is required.

Web Assistant II: Updates current web pages and helps develop new pages. Should be responsible, have adequate computer background and the ability to work well with and assist others. Position may include evening hours.

Department: Mikkelsen Library

Library Student Assistant: Assists the Mikkelsen Library staff with tasks such as directing patrons to specific departments and resources in the library, shelf maintenance, and special projects as needed. Position may involve evening and weekend hours.

Media Services Assistant: Works with the library's Media Assistant on tasks including checking materials in/out, transporting audio-visual materials and equipment, processing requests and completing work order sheets. May involve evening and weekend hours.

Department: Mathematics

Assistant to Faculty: Assists Mathematics instructors with correcting/grading. Should have thorough knowledge of mathematics, at least through pre-calculus. May involve evening hours.

Department: Music

Office Assistant: Supports the operation of the Performing and Visual Arts department with phone calls, faculty and student requests, word processing, copying, filing and mailings. Must be personable, trustworthy, and work well with staff members.

Music Library Assistant: Retrieves requested music for use by ensembles, sorting and copying parts as necessary. Ensures that the library is kept in good orderly condition. Should have general knowledge of instrumental or choral music. Normal working hours.

Technical Assistant: Provides set-up support for concerts and recitals of the music department and assists in other areas as needed. Should be appreciative of the cost/value of equipment and instruments. Position involves physical labor.

Electronic Lab Assistant: Maintains the lab while assisting students who are taking the electronic music course in proper use of the equipment and programs. Must be dependable, reliable, and responsible for an area of very expensive equipment.

Theory Assistant and Tutor: Assist theory instructors in posting progress of students in lectures and aural skill classes. Tutor for music majors having difficulty with theory. Minimum of 3 semesters of Theory and a recommendation by the music theory coordinator.

Department: Natural Science Division

Office Assistant: Provides clerical support for the Natural Science Division. Tasks include office and telephone reception, photocopying, mail sorting and distribution, delivery and pick-up of items around campus, and cleaning. Normal working hours.

Department: Nursing

Clerical Support: Assists in coordinating the traffic and needs of current students, faculty, and prospective students. Tasks include receptionist duties, computer applications, on-campus errands, filing, copying, and updating supply inventories.

Senior Mentor: Tutors nursing students in both clinical skills and classroom studies. Assists faculty with the required campus lab assignments for juniors. Must be a senior nursing major and chosen by the nursing faculty based on qualifications.

Department: Physics

Laboratory Assistant I: Assists faculty with preparation for laboratory exercises and supervises students during lab periods. Must have knowledge of physics, normally at least one year of university coursework in physics.

Laboratory Assistant II: Assists faculty with preparation for laboratory exercises and supervises students during lab periods. Must have knowledge of physics, normally at least two years of university coursework in physics.

Department: Recreational Services

Facility/Program Assistant: Responsibilities include answering phones, relaying information about facility, programs and events, and managing various word processing and database projects. Should have strong people, organizational and communication skills.

Intramural Official: Administers and officiates at scheduled intramural games and matches. Must have strong people and communication skills. May involve evening or weekend hours.

Group Fitness Instructor: Leads and instructs basic group fitness classes. Responsible for designing aerobic programs to meet the needs and abilities of participants by developing and instructing proper routines, muscle sequences, and exercise techniques.

Team Leader: Creates an exciting, attractive work environment while directing team members. Must have strong people skills, organizational skills, conflict resolution skills, enthusiasm and assertiveness.

Weight Room Supervisor: Enforces weight room policies, cleans and maintains equipment, ensures the safety of lifters, and assists users in exercise program development. Current CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications are required.

Lifeguard: Responsibilities include enforcing pool policies, maintaining and cleaning aquatic equipment, and ensuring swimmers' safety. Current CPR, AED, Lifeguard Training, and First Aid certifications are required.

Facility/Staff Supervisor: Responsible for training and evaluating staff, administering intramural and other recreation programs, and managing the facility. Should be actively involved in promoting Recreational Services. May involve evening and weekend hours.

Special Events Staff: Provides support for the overall operation of the Elmen Center and Recreational Services programs by helping with the setup/takedown needs of various facility events. Position may involve physical labor/lifting, evening and weekend hours

Department: Religion

Research Assistant: Assists professors with routine office tasks. Tasks include keyboarding, copying, grading, running errands, and library searches.

Department: Social Science Division

Office Assistant: Provides information and assistance to faculty, students and the public. Responsibilities include receptionist tasks, computer work, running errands, correcting exams, copying, and sorting mail. May involve physical labor/lifing.

Department: Theatre

Shop Staff: Assists in construction, storage and maintenance of costumes and sets. Tasks include simple sewing, ironing, costume care and storage. Helps with theatre productions, painting and basic set construction.

Administrative Assistant: Assists coordinators in administrative duties for the Theatre program and contacts potential students. Should have strong interpersonal skills, writing ability, organization, initiative and creativity.

Department: Writing Center

Writing Center Tutor: Assists peers with reading comprehension and writing assignments across the curriculum. A 3.0 in major, strong English and writing skills is required. Position may involve evening and weekend hours.

Office Assistant/Technician: Assists Director of Writing Center by performing general office duties such as filing, creating and editing documents, answering phone, scheduling, and maintaining web page. Computer skills required. Normal working hours.