Alumni Council FAQ

Not sure what the Augustana Alumni Council does or what might be expected of you if you join? Here, we answer some frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions:

What does the Alumni Council do?

The Alumni Council meets twice a year (in the fall and spring) on the Augustana campus. The council focuses on several key activities:

  • Selecting outstanding alumni for the Alumni Achievement Awards and the Horizon Award
  • Serving on one of three committees: Enrollment, Philanthropy or Alumni Engagement
  • Supporting the financial well-being of Augustana by participation in giving
  • Providing local leadership and guidance for Augustana events in your area
  • Providing advice, counsel and support to the Director of the Alumni Association and the Director of Annual Giving

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What’s in it for me?

That differs for everyone, but members mention many benefits associated with the council. Here are a few benefits:

  • "I get to feel like I’m giving back in a way that is more personal and impactful than just my money."
  • "I get to hear what is going on at Augustana and what is planned for the future — and I am given the opportunity to help make those plans even better."
  • "I get to connect with alumni I haven’t seen for a long time — and make new friends who share the same values and educational foundation provided at Augie."
  • "I have an excuse to come back for my reunion."
  • "I get to come back to campus and see professors and friends I otherwise wouldn’t get to see."

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Who is on the council?

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Where and when are the meetings?

  • The meetings are at Augustana's campus. The first one is held on the Friday of Viking Days and is the first meeting for new members. The second meeting is typically on a Saturday during the spring to minimize the time council members need to take from work.

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What is the time commitment?

  • Each member commits to a four-year term with the option to serve two consecutive terms.
  • The primary time commitment is the two meetings — one on the Friday during Viking Days and the other in the spring. Each meeting is one full day. There are activities we encourage during the fall session (reunion events, the Viking Days parade, etc.). There may be some other activities, but those are fairly minimal and we strive to limit your work to the two one-day sessions. There are also two conference calls: one in the summer and one in the winter.

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How do expenses work?

  • The council does not reimburse expenses associated with getting to Sioux Falls for the meeting. This is your contribution to Augustana. That said, it is a great way to get you back to campus and see family and friends in the Sioux Falls area, so most of our members have found it to be a good way to have the trip meet some additional needs as well.

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