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Behavioral-Based Questions: How to Tell Good Stories during Interviews

Every great movie contains a good story. Employers like effective storytelling, too. In fact, behavioral-based questions are now the best practice in job interviews.

These questions require you to describe your past performance under the assumption that it will predict your future behavior. Employers may ask you to describe a time you exceeded the call of duty, were a leader, or received negative feedback from your supervisor.

The good news is that these questions are fairly easy to predict. Simply review the job description or consider the needs of the organization to identify the skills they are seeking. You can then convert these attributes into questions. 

In anticipation of the conversation, use the table below to prepare at least five good stories about an event or project that illustrates your ability to succeed in the position. When you provide your answers, use the STAR technique. Provide the details of the situation, the task or goal that you set out to accomplish, the action you took, and the end result. Example responses that relate to co-curricular activities are provided below.