Dr. Jennifer A. A. Gubbels

Dr. Gubbels teaches introductory biology, human physiology, general physiology, immunology and a Scientific Intersections course entitled Life's Cycles:  Birth, Death, and a History of Medicine with Dr. Peg Preston in the History Department. Her research focuses on the function of neutrophils to instigate term and preterm birth. Dr. Gubbels received her bachelor’s degree in biological research from Loras College in Dubuque, IA, and her Ph.D. in endocrinology and reproductive physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Jennifer Arens Gubbles





Associate Professor - Biology Department
Augustana University
2001 S. Summit Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
Phone 605.274.4728
Toll-Free 800.727.2844 ext. 4728
Fax 605.274.4718
E-mail: jennifer.gubbels@augie.edu


Ph.D., Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology      University of Wisconsin-Madison           2009
Dissertation Title: "Cell Surface MUC16: Metastasis, Immune Evasion, and the Promise of Immunocytokine Therapies in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer."

B.S., Biological Research                                             Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa                 2004


Courses Taught

Human Physiology
Advanced Human Physiology
Introductory Biology
Scientific Intersections: "Life's Cycles: Birth, Death, and a History of Medicine"


Research Interests

Parturition (labor) is a sterile inflammatory event whereby maternal leukocytes (neutrophils) invade the uterus and cervix.  This is the process by which labor, both term and preterm, is instigated.  Our lab is interested in two things:  1. What factors must be present in maternal blood for leukocytes to migrate to the lower uterus?  2. What changes occur on the surface of the leukocyte to enable it to respond to these factors?  To that end, we collect blood from women in different stages of pregnancy, isolate leukocytes, and use a variety of different techniques in order to answer these questions.  We draw blood, use confocal microscopy, RNA extraction and analysis, western blot, cell isolation protocols, cytokine analysis and flow cytometry.  The goal of the lab is to understand how labor is instigated, and therefore contribute to knowledge that would help detect preterm birth in a blood test before it begins.  By detecting preterm birth before it begins, patients at risk can be transported to health care facilities sooner in order to stop labor before it begins.  Another related project in collaboration with Dr. Paul Egland seeks to understand if extracts from mammalian placentas have antimicrobial and immune-enhancing activity.

 Cytoskeletal Proteins in Neutrophils from women in labor are more polarized.  Blood samples were drawn from women at 28 weeks (control not in labor, CNL), in spontaneous term labor (STL) and right before C-section term not in labor (TNL).  Rhodamine phalloidin was used to stain F-actin polarization from cells within these subject groups.  Using an Olympus Fluoview FV1200 confocal microscope, 50 cells were imaged per subject.  A.  F-actin pattern polarized neutrophil from an STL subject compared to a diffuse F-actin pattern on a CTL subject.  B.  STL samples have a significantly greater percent of polarized neutrophils than both CNL (p=0.0199) and TNL (p=0.0291), based on an unpaired one-tail t-test.  This may indicated enhanced neutrophil extravasation activity in women close to spontaneous term labor.


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