Why I Give: Nick Bryant '08

Meet Nick Bryant, class of 2008. A native of Seneca, South Dakota, Bryant was a psychology major at Augustana and currently serves as director of operations and technology at Rêve Consulting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We caught up with him to learn more about his life, career and why he supports Augustana.

Q. What's a typical work day like for you?

A. Generally, I either spend my days at Rêve's cozy office space in North Minneapolis or at a client's location that we're working with. I'm usually working closely with a couple co-workers and clients to co-create solutions for the variety of reasons they hire us: brand, corporate, tech strategy and service design. It's highly likely at any given time in the process you'll find me brainstorming and whiteboarding ideas to illustrate possible directions.

Q. What's the greatest accomplishment of your career so far, and why?

A. I feel very fortunate to have had multiple moments in my career when I have been chosen to lead big projects or fellow employees. I did really enjoy when I was promoted to Director of Client Strategy at Spyder Trap, a Minneapolis digital agency. It allowed me to not only lead a team of smart individuals, but impact our day-to-day operations, sales strategy, and customer service.

Q. How did Augustana prepare you for your career?

A. Augustana provided me several leadership opportunities that taught me to step outside myself for the sake of the greater good and serving as an example to others. My professors also challenged me on a regular basis, emphasizing the ability to think critically — a skill that is invaluable regardless of your career path. All industries and positions require problem solving.

Q. How do you give back to Augustana? (Volunteering? Boards? Annual gifts? Matching gifts? Other?)

A. Currently, I am a member of Augustana's Alumni Council. I've also returned to the College a number of times to speak to faculty, administrators and students about my career and the digital marketing industry. I have made financial gifts to the College and plan to going forward as well.

Q. Why do you give to Augustana?

A. I really value the things I learned and people I met while I was at Augustana. I think that by giving I can assist the College in making a similar kind of experience available for more students like I was. Also, being a small town South Dakotan, I'd like to see the College not only continue to be a premier higher education option in the area, but become a greater player in the midwest region (if not nation).

Q. Looking ahead, what's next for you? (professional goals, personal plans, etc.)

A. My job at Rêve Consulting is a new one, so I look forward to settling in more and really assisting the company in growing. Additionally, our small business has a non-profit organization Rêve Academy that I look forward to getting involved with — possibly mentoring and teaching courses to young students in Minneapolis.