Goal: Athletics

Augustana Athletes

To achieve the goal of amplifying excellence through academics and athletics ...

GOAL #1: Recruit and retain exceptional student-athletes to maintain academic and athletic excellence and enhance their collegiate experience through academic and wellness support, community engagement, and service opportunities.

1a. Enhance liaison support for student-athletes through the Student Success Center and implement a missed class time policy and summer scheduling options.

1b. Develop a premiere student-athlete health care and performance training model.


  • Centralize and coordinate student-athlete health care and performance training on campus by establishing a formal medical team with Sanford Health.


  • Expand student-athlete performance training tools and systems (e.g., nutrition, staffing, sports psychology).

GOAL #2: Transition to NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletics to provide student-athletes the opportunity to compete at a higher level, elevate the profile of the university, and inspire Sioux Falls to enthusiastically embrace Augustana University as the hometown team as we serve the community and integrate our mission with its needs.

2a. Assess university preparedness for Division I and develop plans for staffing, financing, and generating revenue during and after the transition.


  • Secure an invitation to a multi-sport Division I conference. Create staffing plan for athletics administration and coaches and financial pro forma. Develop a plan for revenue generation, including gifts, ticket sales, camps, facility rentals, sponsorships, and private partnerships.


  • Continue to execute the Division I transition plan.

2b. Implement a community engagement plan to strengthen the Augustana brand. Engage alumni and the broader Sioux Falls community in Viking Athletics with signature events and promotions.