175 Students Studying Overseas for January Interim

Augustana College today announced that 175 students are studying abroad in 19 countries on six continents during the College’s 2011 January Interim (J-Term). J-Term courses, which run from January 3-28, give students the ultimate real-world experience while allowing them to study everything from culture to religion to architecture. The students were placed through the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE), the Education Abroad Network, various Augustana programs and independent study.

Of the 175, more than 70 students are members of the Augustana Band, which will depart on Sunday, Jan. 9, for a five-concert, 20-day tour of Egypt. In most cases, the concerts will be the first by a college band from the United States. Members of the band will also be earning academic credit during the trip by taking a course entitled A Portrait of Egypt, focusing on Egyptian culture, led by Dr. John Pennington, professor of music and professor of percussion at Augustana. This trip marks the fourth international tour taken by the Augustana Band. The three previous tours were to China. The Augustana Band is under the direction of Dr. Bruce T. Ammann.

“At Augustana, we often say that in order to really learn about the world, you have to see it; breathe it; taste it; live it. Through our partnerships with countless organizations around the globe, we’re working to make certain our students do just that,” said Rob Oliver, president of the College. “Thanks to our passionate Augustana faculty members who lead courses abroad and encourage students to consider such experiences, today nearly half of our students travel abroad during their college careers.”

Fourteen Augustana faculty members are teaching J-Term courses. They are:
Dr. Craig Spencer and Dr. David O'Hara: Tropical Ecology of Guatemala and Belize; and Spanish Immersion
Dr. Sandra Looney and Dr. Janet Blank-Libra: Dharma, India
Dr. Reynold Nesiba and Shelly Gardner: Australia in the Global Economy
Dr. Julie Ashworth and Dr. Sheryl Feinstein: Education and Health Care in Tanzania
Sam Ogdie: Arab and Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco
Pam Schroeder: Leadership in Professional Nursing, Norway
Vickie Rieff: Leadership in Professional Nursing, Ecuador
Dr. Margot Nelson: Leadership in Professional Nursing, Namibia
Muriel Larson and Diane Josephson: The Greek Connection: Embracing Transcultural Caring

International Travel Beyond J-Term
In addition to Augustana’s J-Term, 19 students will spend the entire Spring Semester in 11 different countries (England, Norway, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, Tanzania, Canada, Germany and New Zealand), and nearly 50 students will partake in four one-week abroad spring break courses taught by Augustana faculty members, reflecting Augustana’s diverse study abroad options.

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